Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got Spunk

Ok I must admit this is one of my most favorite pictures of Miah. She is eighteen months here and already her "tude" is shining through. I could not help but share this.

Friday, April 18, 2008


What could be more fun than a little dress-up session? I think I have waited my whole adult life to be able to play dress-up and that day has finally come!! So much fun and I am loving every min. of it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Finally getting around to scrapping a few of those winter pictures... This is one of my favorites!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hopping into spring

My budding artist, Miah really enjoys coloring and I can usually get a good twenty Min. break while she does.
Here are my two fur babies Cinder, and Sugar at their favorite pass time.... Watching for Crumbs
My handsome Brown Eyed Boy
You will never guess what she is doing here... Scroll down and I will fill you in a few Pics down.
Ok so she is not suppose to be on this but if there is one thing this little chicky is it would haft to be determinded
Can you see what she is up to yet??

Chasing FROGS!!!! UGH... Oh well it may not be clean fun but it is good fun!James found three frogs and has neat names for them all, I think this was HopOH!My girl is just not afraid at all and a little dirt never hurt as far as she is concerned. I do admit when she is done with the dirt you really can not get it off fast enough but until then she is a regular mud buddy.

It has been a while since I have posted here but we are still kicking. The kids have been keeping my busy and I was gone on a women's retreat. James has started a new season of baseball and I am looking for some type of dance or tumbling class for Miah ( can not seem to find one yet for under the age of three). Spring has come full force in our little corner of the world and taken out our back fence, not to mention left buckets full of mud that my two little .... cherubs find irresistible. I am planning for a trip... Really it is a Dream Come True!!! I get to take James and Miah to Walt Disney World and I am overwhelmed with the wealth of things to do so I am trying to research on planing an itinerary... any input would be greatly welcomed! Randy's job is sending him to a confrence and then he will take a few extra days to "play" so all in all we will be there for ten days, the great part is that they are paying for his flight and food and they are footing the bill for the hotel all but the last two nights. From what I understand it is a pretty nice place to stay and is on the resort... It is the Dolphin hotel.

Any way I thought I would post a few pictures as I am sure that is really why you stoped by. Hope your spring is starting out great!!