Friday, August 24, 2007

What it Takes For Miah's Hair

So I get comments all the time on how cute Miah's hair is or how pretty and thick it is. I do agree but to be honest it takes some work to tame it every day, but it is sooooo worth it. I am blessed in the fact that she will leave in the bows for the most part, and it is not to difficult on most days to get her to sit still as long as I have a diversion for her. Here is how I get it done... First I put her in a place where she can not get down, most of the time it is her changing table, but sometimes it is the highchair. Then I give her a distraction like a tissue to tear up and she knows she can only do this while we are putting in the pretties, or I give the child shoes to love on and I do mean love on as Miah ADORES shoes! Then I keep a handy spray bottle near by as I MUST have it for her hair on an unruly day if I am not giving her a morning bath. Then I go to work on her head talking to her and telling her how beautiful she is and how cute this looks and so on till we have success. Here are a few pictures of the before and after and a few dews too!
Here she is first thing in the morning and none to happy to have me snapping a photo of the lovely bed head instead of picking her up right away.
Now we have a winning smile as she gets her mop washed and she get to make a few splashes.... another of Miah's favorite things to do.
Here we are all dry, combed and gussied up for the day. See not to bad to tame the hairy beast that sits up top my darlings head.
Here we have one of the first attempts to do real pony tails.... Her hair is just a little to short in the back so.....

We improvise and do a couple of mini ponies to get the desired effect

And this is one you may have seen before but worth posting again if you ask me cause she is so darn cute!! Here I put in 6 or 7 little ponies on the top of her head and let me tell you she loves this. She will touch her head and shake it and pat it, then she prisses around like she knows she is the bomb. My little girl loves to be dolled up!

So now you have the scoop on what it takes for Miah's hair. Don't you know I love it!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still Here

Wow it has been a while since I have posted. Well we are still here and kicking. Things are kind of like a hail storm around here, just about the time I think every thing will be ok there is another strike of lightning and here we go again. So I will leave you with a quick note saying we are ok but could use a little prayer if you have the time. I guess I will leave you with a few pictures too since I know that is why you come LOL!
I finally got around to getting this picture scraped... I drew the flowers cut them out and water colored them... So much fun!
This is a show down.... Who will win the battle of getting dressed????
I just love this picture.... Sweetest hugs in the world!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Five months and a day

Well it is hard to believe that five months and one day ago my beautiful daughter was placed in my arms. What have I learned since then? Well a lot actually but most of it has been fun and exciting, like she is so smart and funny. She makes the cutest little faces when she is really happy and she wakes up in such a good mood. I have learned that being a mom to two kids can be so rewarding, when you see them bond and learn to love each other. I am so grateful that I can be a mother to this little girl and the best part is the way she just fits. In my heart I know that God kept his hand on Miah while she waited for us and that we had to wait just for her. She is the perfect match for our family and I could not imagine this family with out her in it!


Today... Today I will embrace my world. Today I will see the little things and I will cherish them. Today I will breathe in my children just a little more, and I will see the innocence in them. Today I will love my husband because he is a blessing , and I will notice him in a renewed way. Today I will look for the good in things and ignore the bad. Today is a day that I will enjoy and hold dear simply because I can.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring and I have been letting the days fly by without really even experiencing them. Always looking for the next big event there is to have or the next holiday. Life happens while you are busy making other plans they say and oh how true it is. I want more and the funny thing is MORE has been there all along and I have chosen to just ignore the opportunity that was there to engage freely in the joy that is life. To busy being annoyed by the little things and to lazy to care. No more I will embrace this life and live. Live with a purpose. Praise God he has given me that purpose!

Why the sudden reality check? Well really it is not sudden to me, it has been coming for a while now but I wanted to write it down. The truth is it is even more pressing to me now because my Gram is back in the hospital. She has now had a major stroke and the woman who was telling me stories of her childhood while I listened engrossed in the past, is now unable to move the entire left side of her body and speaks with a slur. SO unfair this terrible thing that has happened and now we must wait to see if she will gain back any of her functions. It hurts me so deeply to see her in pain. To know that her mind is still very sharp but that her body rebels. My Gram is me and I am my Gram, two peas in a pod and so very a like some times it is scary. I hate this with such a passion, but the only thing I can do is pray for her, that and choose to live. Live my life to the fullest and not take one little blessing for granted.

Please keep my Gram in your prayers.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Funny Face

Oh my little funny Faces how I love you. You make me smile so many times a day. You are both the joy of my life, always keeping it real for me. Thank you my sweet darlings for just being you, so innocent and full of pure life. Mommy loves you both!!