Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A boy and his dad

This is my family, my guys! Now I have got to tell you that I love this picture so much. James looks so much like his daddy that it gives me goose bumps. If you did not know it you would more than likely never guess that he was adopted at birth which has been the big topic around our house as of late. We know when Miah gets home people will "see" that she is adopted and will more than likely ask lots of questions and make comments good bad or indifferent, but James has never had to deal with that. How do we handle it and do we tell people who ask about Miahs adoption that our son is adopted too. Will James feel a sense of jealousy that her adoption is so obvious and that will lead to more attention to her. Will he love the anonymity or want others to know that he too was chosen and sought after. How will Miah feel when she is older and knows her big brother is never approached about his adoption and she is. I guess time, a lot of prayer, and listening to the kids will be the only answers to these and many more questions. For now I will just enjoy the last few Blast ball games with James and dream of bringing Miah home soon!
By the way this is James' fist season of Ball and he did such a wonderful job! I am so proud of my boy and his Daddy. He stepped up to the plate unexpectedly and became a coach.... How cool are you Dad! These are special memories that I will never forget!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No Reason for the picture other than I love it and wanted to share.

Referrals are on the way and I am sure anyone reading this already knows that they are only going through the 15th of June this time around. I guess it is better than Just five days, but I am really really hoping things speed up a little! It seems that James will be in College before we get Miah.

On to other things, My darling hubby got me a really cool gift and I can not wait to get it here. If you get a chance to see this book I know you will love it too. It is called A Day in the Life of China and it comes from a series of books put out in the eighties. In a twenty four hour period they had several photographers go out and take pictures all over China and then published the best of them in this book. It will take your breath away. There are only 100,000 copies in circulation and it is a little hard to find a new book, but you should be able to find it at a local library and I know that there are some on Ebay and the like. Check it out if you get the chance.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thirty something and bad rumors

This is a self scrap page. I had just turned thirty and I was feeling really down. I am now thirty one and can not wait to be thirty two... Then all ageing can cease as far as I am concerned. Why is thirty two ok you ask. Well when I reach this age Miah will me with me. I refuse absolutely refuse to even consider the notion that it will take any longer than that to have my daughter home and in my arms! Now I have got to tell you that even that is pushing it a bit far, I really want her home before Christmas but with all the doom and gloom reporting going on and the ever slowing of referrals I will be lenient and concede to March for our first mother daughter moments but that is it not one day more! Ok I know I can not control the outcome of this and I know that no amount of stamping my feet and screaming into my pillow will get me my way. However a really good temper tantrum feels good and I need it so I am wailing away.
Well my rotten mood is a combination of bad horrible no good rumors and a very bitter sweet mothers day. Do not get me wrong being a mom to James is wonderful and I am so proud and honored to have that role in my life, but I also had a few sad moments on mothers day too. We fully expected to be bringing Miah home this month and as any one connected with China adoptions know that dream was taken away a piece at a time month by month. Then our music directors whom we all love and adore announced on mothers day they are expecting to the congregation. Please understand I am thrilled for them and have been waiting for this for some time. I wish them love and happiness and all the good tidings you can imagine, but... BUT I know that it is more than likely they will be bringing this little bundle of joy home before I even see Miahs face for the first time and that just stung a little. I am not in any way trying to take anything away from there joy I would never do that, I love them and are so happy that this is happening for them, but for me watching on the sidelines while she is lavished with "only pregnant mother special attention" and I sit not knowing when I will even see my child is a little hard and I am a little sad and let me just say feeling "sorry for myself". I know that it will take a couple weeks to get over this and I will get over it. I am not the envious type and I would never wish anyone to go through what I have to become a parent but when I see this over and over again and with the bad rumors of much more waiting in my future I am just over whelmed with yucky feelings. Tomorrow is a new day I will try to be a better person again tomorrow.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Original Blog

If you are checking out this blog for the first time I wanted to let you know I have been blogging about our Journey to Miah for a year now and only recently started up this blog. To see the beginning check out My Original Blog www.hisgirlre.blog.com
I would love to know if you have stopped by so please leave me a comment even if to just say Hi I was here. Thank you so much.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

So Proud of You

This was my little mans first day of pre school and seems like just yesterday we were loading him up and taking him to meet his teacher. Not with out getting that ever present candid shot of him. So cute and so little ,cut to the present and he is graduating.... Ok just preschool but I swear if time keeps moving like this with him I better never lay down to sleep again or I will miss it all. So fast it went and I can hardly believe some of the changes he has gone through in the last year and watching him up on stage last night at his graduation was the evidence of that. He sang and and spoke in the mic. as well as showed of his ABC book he had worked on all year. He showed off special arts and crafts with such joy that I just had to laugh. As proud and as happy as I am at all he has accomplished I am also a little sad that he will no longer be a pre-schooler the last baby phase in my eyes, but an actual school aged child going out in to the big world with out mommy for more than a couple days a week for a few hours. Nope in less than four months he will start kindergarten. I love you James and am so proud of you, just please do not grow up to fast!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Whirlwind

Lately for our household the weekends have been a virtual storm of activity. We keep trying to fit a weeks worth of "need to do" into two days along with our regular schedule, and at this point I do not see a free weekend for about two more months. It is pretty sad when you actually look forward to Monday morning for a break... YIKES! In the end I know it will be worth it, but the reason we are scrambling to keep up is because Randy has been doing massive overtime and double time to bring in some extra cash. He is trying to get us completely away from credit cards. Now we have not really used our cards in some time, but now he wants to get them completely out of the house. Not sure I will ever go for that, I like know if we have an emergency that they are there. However right now Randy has us paying cash for any items large or small. If we have the cash we can have it if we don't so sorry not going to happen. Now we have really worked hard to keep our credit good and not go into major debt, but he feels there is an even better way to handle our fiance status. Ok I will try. So now he has been working really really hard so that we can get some big ticket items on our list of needs and wants before Miah gets home. One of the items is a swing set for James that I really wanted him to have and I know Miah will get lots of use out of it too. So we have added one more thing to our weekend to do list and I a beat! I will just keep telling myself it is worth it!