Friday, November 16, 2007

Little Artist and Homework

There are new things happening over here and to me it is a wonderful thing! First of all Miah is really beginning to talk. Words are popping up all over the place and I could not be happier. I was really worried for a while about her speech as most things she says sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles. Now she still has a few words I can not understand, but there are so many new things she is saying that are really clear and real words not to mention very very cute! Mr. James is taking off reading, I mean it was like a light went off in his head and we have an emergent reader in our home. Love it!! Another new thing for James is homework, well ok sort of new, but not fun. We are really trying to get him started on good habits for homework as this will be a constant in his life for the next SEVERAL years and it is a must that will not go away. He is not thrilled about it and is fighting us really hard right now, but I know in time we will get it all worked out. I do try to make it fun where I can, but the truth is there is just only so much you can do with it all. James is doing great in school... almost all A's he has one B that I do not agree with but can do nothing to change as it is school policy to give them a B if they are on level with reading, they must me above level to get an A. He should get an A this six weeks, we will see.

Miah has learned what coloring is all about. My little angel is a budding artist with a flare for the dramatic. We had a great time the other day just playing around with colors enjoy the pictures.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Sleep

Miah is learning to sleep in her toddler bed. Well actually she has really loved taking her naps there and we have put her to bed at night in the bed and she falls asleep pretty easily, but we need to get a gate before we allow her to sleep the whole night through just in case she wants to get up and roam the house. I do usually let her make the choice of where she lays down and she loves the big girl bed... So I guess it is almost time to say bye bye crib. Here she is in all her glory in her big girl bed.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Eight Months

What was that mom?? Eight months with you and daddy???
Yeah!!! Below is a picture with Miah and her referral photo, in fact this is the first time she has really seen it.

Has time really gone by that fast? It seems like yesterday I was marking the days off the calendar with a longing sigh just to see my daughters face. Now I am cleaning that face and loving every smile I see on that face too! She is amazing and every thing I dreamed of, no she is much much more than I hoped for. These last eight months have flown by and we have watched her bloom and grow, discover herself and the world around her, and begin to love and be loved with out fear. Miah has gone from not being able to roll over to walking, running, dancing, jumping and wiggling all over the place. She has gone from cooing to singing and talking. Her personality comes out a little more every day and I will warn the world she is a spit fire, my girl will take the world and tilt it on the side. I love you Miah, you make my heart so very,very glad!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Trick or Treat

We had the best time last night! James and Miah came home with a boat load of candy and smiles.I was so surprised at how well Miah handled it all, she was actually pulling me as hard as she could to walk faster and then would try the best she could to stay up with James. James was a great big brother holding her hand and making sure she got candy, even to the point of taking candy out of his pumpkin and giving it to her...SOOO SWEET!! He held her hand and protected her from the sometime swarm of kids to the best of his ability ( mommy had to step in due to rowdy children, but that is ok)always looking out for her. We got Miah to say trick or treat and it sounded like twww teeee just so darling. I think the best part was when daddy showed up, even if he scared the wits out of me. We did not think he was going to be able to make it and while we were walking, Miah who's hand I was tightly holding was suddenly jerked away from me and I was caught by surprise and ready to kill some one when I turned to see Randy grinning from ear to ear. NOT FUNNY! Oh I wanted to do some damage to him for scarring me so. All in all Miah's first trick or treating went great and James in now the owner of not one but two huge stashes of candy with a little on the side for sister.