Friday, December 28, 2007

Pictures as Promised

Here we are about to begin our Christmas Eve traditions, the ones I started with James on his first Christmas and now we get to share with Miah.... Time for Jammies!
After getting them in Matching PJs (how CUTE!!) They each get to open one gift and this is Miah's first Christmas present ever ... It is a Barbie magna doodle board. She would tear one little strip of paper and then hand it to me and then another little strip. By the time it was all said and done I was ripping into them for her.Ok I hate posting pictures of myself, but I will sacrifice for this one. Randy and James had gone shopping for a few last minute items and Randy comes home telling me that James had talked him into buy one more gift for me and that it was to be my Christmas eve gift. James was so excited about me opening my gift that he went on and on about it and was not even concerned with what he would get to open at all. Well I am not a big sponge bob fan at all so you can see by the look in this picture I was VERY surprised at the gift my son HAD to have for me. James laughed so hard and was as excited as I have ever seen him when I opened this up and Randy told me that these were to be my Christmas PJs and I was to go and put them on right now. Yep I wore Bright Yellow and Neon Blue Sponge Bob PJs for my son and he loved every second of it.
Miah gets to help leave milk and cookies for the first time ever, and James insisted the milk be chocolate this year so Santa could have something different. He is so thoughtful.
After the kids as safely tucked into bed and fast asleep we took all the gifts out from under the tree to put them in groups so we can have all the kids gifts near the front of the tree. Now during the month leading up to Christmas I try to keep anything for James well in back of the tree and out of reach, but this year while I was away shopping and Randy was working from home it seems that James found an opening to go digging under the tree and proudly told me the exact number of gifts that were under the tree for him..... Ok not good!! Do you see all the gifts in the pictures.... Well he had to dig through almost all of them to get to his. Little stinker!This is what my little darling woke up to this Christmas.

Miah appears to be first in the picture, but the real story is that James ( after me calling his name a few times) came down the hall first and ran to bury is head in the couch for a few more seconds of sleep. We can have none of that ... not of Christmas day. So I send him after his sister, who would usually by this time be up and yelling for anyone to take her gate down, but wouldn't you know it that when I want her to get up early she can not be bothered. IT took James a few tries to get her up and then she was running down the hall to me. Here is James with all his loot. Such a happy camper was he!Miah had her fair share too. Near the end of opening gifts she got real mad that every time she got a present open we seemed to take away and MAKE her start all over again. She just wanted to play with what she had and why should she open any thing Else if we were just going to take it.Other than my daughter, I would haft to say that this is the most wonderful gift this year. It is one of the most beautiful, heart wrenching pieces of art I have ever seen. I was so taken when I saw it that I cried. Miah also loves it and seems to be very possessive of the book.

One last little story of the day though I could tell you many, but this one takes the cookie! After opening the first round of gifts,and before our families arrived I put Miah in the highchair for a little breakfast and then went to check on James. Randy and I both were walking into the kitchen when we were stoped in our tracks by the sight before us. It seems Miah was not happy with Cheerios and decided that the foil cover close to the chair look far more interesting so apparently she helped her self at 6:30 in the morning to the cookie plate. When she saw us she beamed with pride at her accomplishment and was delight that we could join in on her fun. It is a moment I will never forget... To CUTE!

All and all our family had a wonderful Christmas and we are so blessed to have them both home, safe, and sound! Miah's first Christmas was a hit and all of our family was here to share it with her and you can not ask for more than that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Time

This Holiday season has been a whirlwind for us and one that was both wonderful and a little hectic. We did a lot of fun things, but also missed a few things I would have loved to do. However this year we were all together and that was what matters most! Here are a few bullets to our December Extravaganza:

** Papa's Birthday....YEAH!!!

** James lost his first tooth!!

** Mommy lost a crown.BOO!

** Miah put two words together all on her own!

** Uncle Shane had a Birthday!

**James lost a second tooth... to funny!

** Mommy got a new car and said bye bye to the van.

** We celebrated Christmas by hosting the Little Ladybug party with a few of Miahs China sisters.

** Miah saw Santa for the first time, and was not really to thrilled,but survived.

** James asked me for the first time " Is Santa really, really real mama?" I wanted to cry but Randy and I always agreed if he asked we would not lie. Funny thing is even after telling him the whole St. Nick story and explaining what a tall tale is James still made his own choice to believe, and we told him that was OK!

** Randy and I celebrated 14 years of marriage, and I can still say that I love this man with every ounce of my heart. I also learned that you can FALL in love all over again even after being with someone for this long, and it feels really good!

** We hosted Christmas at our house this year and it was WONDERFUL! Miah's first Christmas will defiantly be one that I will always hold dear to my heart. Both of my Children were more than blessed with gifts, but more importantly with the love of family. When I asked James if he had a good Christmas last night before he went to bed he said yes. Then I asked one more time what Christmas was reall about and this is what he said...

" Its about family, and it is Jesus' Birthday. Mom it is about presents too and Jesus." Then he looked at me real serious and said" Really mama it IS about family TOO, you know being together?" I looked at he and told him that was right and then he hugged me real tight and went to bed. As a mom I will always hold that close to me, and as an adoptive mother it struck me even a little closer to home. Family.... I belong.... I am wanted, loved and needed. That is what I heard in my beautiful sons words and that is my wish for all the children of the world.

I will post pic. later. Merry Christmas all.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Start up

Read all about it at the bottom...

Well I have been talking about it for a while now with friends and I have many ideas in my head, but now I actually have the Pilot product. My Sister in law and I are starting a home based business making boutique overalls, pants , and outfits. We will also have a line of bows to match and other little item here and there. We are working on the website but I wanted to get a little feed back here so if you like what you see please drop me a line.... Oh and if you are interested in buying an outfit like this one just let me know. Here is my darling little Model .... Miss Miah.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catching up again

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is the first of December. I was thinking about a year ago I wrote a post thanking those who were waiting for Miah with us, and now she has spent her first Thanksgiving with them so I thought I would share a few pictures, better late than never.

Nene and Miah are good to go with a sippy and snacks they can have a ball.

Well I guess if we haft to have a weird face in the picture at least they were all on the same page!

Ok this one is a little better!

Hey I do have happy kids.... Laughing at PaPa is so much fun!

Miah Is Singing to her Papa.... SOOOO CUTE!