Thursday, August 31, 2006

Looking to Brighter Things

I know that many families who are walking the adoption road right now are in a word dazed. Dazed at the wait and the rumors, at the lack of any concrete information other than there is NO information that is reliable beyond a fault. So instead of writing about how sad, mad and well just plain dazed I am, I am going to post a very special page . This is my mom again only this time she is with James doing what I love most.... Being a kid again! With him and his cousin Aaron my mom is a true blue KID. She loves them and gets on their level to play. In this page James is almost three and he loves t dance, but he rarely does for anyone else to see. My mom is the same way she only lets a few people see this wonderful side of her come to the surface and I am so glad that I am able to enjoy her this way, but most importantly that James is and that he is in awe with his Nene!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pictures are up

Hey look a picture!!!!! Ok I have been trying for days to get this to work and finally it has.

We took James to the science place in Dallas this summer and had a wonderful time. Most of the kids were off in other areas and we had a lot of space to our selves. I was amazed at the difference that have taken place there since I was a child but even more amazed at how much had stayed the same. I can hardly believe I can share this with MY child, so many times and moments that I thought I would never be a mom and for the last five years I have been mommy and I still get blown away by that fact. It has been almost a year since we were logged in with CCAA and as I sit here right now I find it hard to believe that Miah will be home someday soon. It seems as if I have made it all up and in a way I have pushed it aside as a way of coping with the constant let downs we have experienced this past year. I keep waiting for next month to be the month we have better news or at the very least an answer to all our waiting question. So now I will relish in the fact that it took seven years to have this beautiful boy in our lives to call our own but at the end of the day I can look in his bed to see him sleep and know that IT DID HAPPEN. It WILL happen with Miah too, we just haft to hang on a little while longer.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I have still having trouble uploading Pictures to this blog, but in the mean time here are some pictures of my little man in video. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Pages

I have been having real trouble getting any pictures to upload. I will keep trying but in the mean time I will tell you we have made it throught 11 months of waiting since our LID and I am Really Really hoping that we will stay as close to the one mark as possible, but as usual only time will tell.... A LOT OF TIME so far!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Needing to get caught up

I am a scrapper. I love all things paper and getting my hands covered in ink... but latley I have just been in the dumps and not really getting any pages done. I am much more creative when I am happy and upbeat , however with the delays in getting Miah and the adoption going forward it is only normal that I have been anything but upbeat. Much to my dismay this has affected many things in my day to day life and I am making a choice to turn that around. I need to for so many reasons and the number one reason is my family. They need me, focused and in charge of the little day to day things that we take for granted until one day the need is not being met and you find your self in a pickle of a mess and behind on all the things you once loved so much. So here are a few of my efforts to get caught up on James' book and my own as well.

Oh by the way if you are out there I would love to know. Please leave a note if only to say Hi I stoped by. It would really help me out ya know, and thanks!

Monday, August 07, 2006

School shopping

Well with less than two weeks to go until James starts Kindergarten I have been shopping, shopping, shopping. It seems over the summer he has outgrown every pair of pants he owns. The only problem is that it is only in length that they no longer fit. The wait size if fine, and this is a big problem! It is so hard to find anything that is not swimming on him so I have learned to love two things 1) 5 slim these seem to do really well but are very hard to find and 2) the new drawing up waist in children's pants. Did you know that they now put elastic on the inside of kids jeans with a button to change the size in an instant on certain brands. It is really nice and will make life a lot easier or at the very least his wardrobe easier to manage.
Now we have all the school supplies that are required but all the fun of having them is gone. It seems that the kids must give all the supplies to the teachers and then they are all doled out as needed.... Where is the fun in that! I loved arranging my supplies when I was a little girl, taking them in and out of the supply box, having a special pencil, decorating every thing with my name and knowing it was mine and mine alone. Not so now days you send in two or three of every thing and they store it away No Fun I tell ya!