Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

We celebrated Easter a little early this year... Kind of ironic seeing as it is already so early. However it is due to rain and storm here in Texas so we had a wonderful dinner with family and the kids hunted eggs. The had a great time and I loved watching them. James is getting really quick and Miah is picky... She likes certain ones and that is that!

They will get their baskets tomorrow and we will talk about the true meaning of Easter and do the egg hunt with eggs that tell the story of Christ and his Resurrection. We attended church tonight and had a Praise and Worship service ( I am a worship leader) it was wonderful and I really am thankful for the cross. How amazing is my God that he would allow his only son to die for me and how Great is my Lord that he chose to die so that I might live.... Thank you Heavenly Father. ( not sure what I am talking about?? got questions?? feel free to ask)

Be sure to check back, I have zoo and snow pictures to post that I am way behind on. Happy Easter!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Child of Mine

Child of Mine
Your beauty is as radiant as the sun coming up at first light touching all that it sees with warmth and golden caresses. You shine my little one from the inside out and you take my breath away with the very tenderness of your being. I am blessed to know you and yet even more so to love you. How is it that I was given the wonderful task of being your mother, how is it that I can call you Child of Mine? Joy, so full that all the containers in the world could not hold it is what I feel when I call you my daughter, so much am I in love with you Child of Mine. Your laugh is like the most beautiful waterfall, rushing out and embracing all that it touches. Smile and I am blinded by the pure innocence behind it. Cry and I can hardly bear the thought of anything causing you pain. To protect you and keep you from harm is my wish and I try diligently to do so. I love you, Child of Mine.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Look Who is Two

Happy Birthday Miah!

Two years in one little life and yet she has been through more change and drama than most will see in a life time. As I sit and type this I am filled with mixed emotions and scattered thoughts. I am thrilled to celebrate Miah turning two if not a little sad that the baby stage is quickly making an exit. There are so many exciting things going on with her right now and she is just blooming in a whole new way. Lets just say a parrot has got nothing on Miah and if you do not want something repeated then do not say it in front of her LOL! She is loving and giving so much more lately and it is a joy to see. My thoughts turn to China and a mother who made a choice that brought my daughter and I together and I wonder if she knows. Is there any chance at all that she may have a clue that this beautiful child is half a world away being loved and cherished every moment. In my heart I hope that she has peace and if nothing else a mothers intuition that the baby she left wrapped in nothing but a quilt and placed in a cardboard box on a busy sidewalk is in fact a healthy thriving little girl who is loved. Then I think of the foster family who loved her for several months and then gave her back days before her first birthday. Do they know what a gift they gave her. She came to us with the ability to attach and I know that she was well taken care of, you could just see it in her eyes. I will forever be grateful to them for making a choice to open their home for my child. I wonder about the person who found her that cold morning and I am grateful to them and to the orphanage who took her in. So many hands placed on a little life that held a place in her destiny if you will. I am so very grateful.

One year ago today we walked through the doors of the Dianjiang SWI and were greeted by the staff with smiles and open hearts. We toured the facility and saw other little ones waiting for their forever families and the nannies who were dedicated to them. I took pictures and video and I stood in awe that this was my daughters home for most of her little life. In fact as I stood there is weighed heavily on me that a year to the day had passed since she was brought here. How strangely wonderful that we would have the privilege of visiting this very place on her first birthday. They surprised us with a beautiful cake for Miah and had Randy do the honors of cutting the cake and seeing that every one had some as is their tradition in China. When we left I was overwhelmed with emotion and yet so very very glad to know that my daughter would not haft to spend the rest of her youth in a SWI. On the way back we were given one more wonderful yet sad gift. Our guide took us to Miah's finding spot. I can not tell you how it feels to stand where you know your child was placed venerable and with no way to help them selves, the questions flood your mind and to the why, who, and hows of that moment, that choice that was made. I knew even more so that the woman who left my daughter was very probably thinking of her this day, the day she was born, and I was standing in the spot she had placed Miah. I remember looking around wondering if just maybe Miah's birth mother was somewhere near by. Did she come to this very spot today to feel close to that infant she chose to leave? This like so many other things in Miah's first year of life I will never know. I am grateful to her, this woman who brought Miah into the world, so very very grateful.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

I can hardly believe it has been a year, but with the leap year in account this day marks one year from the moment I first held my daughter. It is amazing to see all the changes she made in a short time and to see her personality emerge. I am awed every day by this little spit fire that has us all wrapped around her little finger. She came into our lives with a curious stare and as is to ask us if we were going to treat her like the princess she is and she has lived up to that stare every day. Thank you China for one of your most precious gifts a daughter. There are so many things I could say and want to say, but I think I will leave you with the pictures and spend this time with Miah, my beautiful China girl!