Saturday, June 24, 2006


They made it through the 28th..... Hey that is great news and I am thrilled for all the families who will be united with their families this coming week. Congrats to you all.

We have been busy with summer life here in our home. My niece came for a week and we were hardly home at all. Our agenda consisted of :

!. Hawaiian Falls Water park
2. Grapevine Mill Mall Outlet shopping
3. The Cars Movie
4. The Shaggy Dog Movie
5. Six Flags Theme Park
6. Lots of Swimming

Followed up by a weekend full of activities and Family fun.
James participated in the end of season Baseball parade and got to throw candy at complete strangers. It was in a word HOT!!! But worth it to see his little face light up when it was his turn to get his first trophy at the end of season ceremony. The hard part is my camera died after my first shot of the parade and now I am relying on others for photos..... Ughhhh! Then we had a church picnic and that was a total blast too. I came with a cooler full of food I had made for our family and a guest just in case as per instructions given at the previous service. Well when we get there most every one else had stopped at Taco Bell or KFC on the way to the park for their lunch. I felt really silly carrying out the big cooler and all my dishes but I bet you ten to one we ate better than anyone else there.

Fathers day for our family was full of church, Mexican food, and some good ole video fun. I got in mucho trouble with my mom because I did not call my dad early enough and he had already gone to bed. Give me a little credit here mom, when I talked to dad he said he had gone to bed at 5. No fair!! I did however call him the next morning so all is forgiven and I remain the loyal loving daughter I have always been.

This weekend I have gotten a few more scrap pages done so I will end this post with one of my latest designs... Let me know if you like it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

What goes up MUST come down

Ok so I am seeing a few rumors that say we may actually get through the end of June this month and I am Leary. However I am going to cling to the old saying What goes up must come down(I am totally disregarding that is is ment for gravity). There has got to be a ray of light some time and why not this month?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nine Months

Wow I have not posted in a while... Hmmm, I knew I had gotten busy but I had not realized how busy till now.

Well today CCAA has had our paperwork logged in for nine months. We are in the matching room with no clue how many months are ahead of us, and James has stopped asking about Miah. That makes me sad. He just does not understand why it is taking so long and I think he feels we made it all up or she is like Santa Clause and he is never suppose to see her. I know it will all work out ok I just wished we would have waited a little longer to let him know that we were going to adopt his little sister.

Nine months.... Seems like such a long time, and a blink of an eye all at the same time, I hope that the next possible nine months of waiting go by with joy and fun with James and quickly when it comes to the ache in my heart for Miah!

This picture of James is almost two years old but it is really how I feel today... Ready to go!