Wednesday, December 20, 2006

13 years in the making

Randy and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday and I can hardly believe it. Time is such a funny thing, one day it feels like you will never get to your goal and then the next day you are looking back saying where did it all go. It has been a wonderful, if not bumpy sometimes, marriage and I can truly say I married my best friend. We have been together since we were 14 yrs old and were married at 18 so we have done a lot of growing up together since the bumps. We also left home young when Randy joined the Army so life put us on our own together and tossed out into deep waters. We thrived and are still going strong today, and I am blessed to have a warm and loving husband. I love you babe!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just for Fun

I Love Love Love this clip of James! This is right before we started this adoption process and he seems so little to me. At the time I thought he was such a big boy now looking back I still see the baby in him. This clip is a little dark but you will get the picture, enjoy.

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All I want for Christmas is You!

On the radio I hear this song playing, sigh, Ain't it the truth! Miah all I want is you, to see your little face. Mommy is so ready to tell you she loves you and to sing to you. I want to hear your Little laugh and show you what a bubble is. I want to see your eyes light up over some new discovery or hear you say a word for the first time. I want to teach you how to play peek a boo and where your nose is. I want to give you a bath and hold you closely when you are cold. I want to put bows in your hair and dress you up in style. I want to show you off and keep you all to myself. I want to see your daddy hold you and your brother make you giggle. I want to know you, what you like, what you can not stand, who you will be and how you will grow. I want to introduce you to your family and lavish you with love and devotion. I want to keep you safe, and watch you live a life only you can.

If this Christmas I could have all I wanted I would only wish for you, to be hear safe in my arms and close to my heart. All I want for Christmas is You. Love Mommy

Friday, December 15, 2006

What wouldn't you do

So I am sitting in my room reading when I hear Ho Ho Ho. No kidding, it is coming from the street behind me and I sit up to listen... I hear it again Ho Ho Ho, come out to see Santa and get some candy. Well I bolt out of my room through the house to the office and my DH looks at me like I had lost my mind. "What is wrong with YOU?" I tell him about Santa and he looks at me with a sheepish grin and says "I forgot to tell you the fire department is doing a Santa run." So I tell him lets goooooo and grab a very confused five year old little boy. I explain to him Santa is coming to see how all the kids are behaving and walk up the side walk with shorts and no shoes on thinking this would be a quick pass by of the fire truck and James will be delighted. NOT AT ALL WHAT HAPPENED!! Santa never made to our street but we could hear him really close so Randy (after I ran to put on sweats and shoes thank the Lord) decides to walk down to see if we can spot the big man. Well after about three quarters of a mile..... Finally we see Santa. No I am not kidding we just keep chasing after that Ho Ho Ho sound and the siren till we finally see it. James lit up like a Christmas tree and was over joyed during the whole five seconds it took the Big Man to drive by and throw a candy cane to him (that crushed on impact I might add, Aim for the Grass Santa!) and then realized he would haft to walk the whole way home. Not good even when it isn't past his bed time, but he made it. To tell you the truth even though it is not an experience I would have chosen to do it was well worth the 5 seconds to see his little face, and above all else we some great family time out of the blue the would have other wise been squandered on unimportant things. It was a great time and really what wouldn't you do to see this smile.....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I can hardly get from the couch over here to type so this will be short. We have passed our 15 month mark and are now at the 15 months and one day.... Soon right??? Well I am going back to my couch and pray this is only a 24 hour bug cuse I just can not take much more. I will not go into details but lets just say I can flip a coin every time I go into the bathroom... NOT FUN, and DH is also sick.... James however thinks it is great fun to jump on what ever furniture we are on at the moment and watch our faces turn green.

Monday, December 11, 2006


This is Randy___ Stacey's husband. I am constantly getting accused of not reading this blog so here ya go--- Stacey has been driving me nuts for a long time now. So you have a better idea of what driving me nuts constitutes here it is:
  • * Finding pages of Miah's name all over the place as Stacey apparently thinks she needs practice writing it.
  • * Finding even more paper with some new fangled math where Stacey is attempting to calculate the exact moment we will see our daughter
  • * Constant phone calls asking me what my predictions are
  • * Miah's closet looking like Pepto-Bismol exploded in there
  • * Stacey coming to tears every time we walk by a Chinese baby in the mall
  • * Hearing Stacey "SCREAM" from the office and running to find it is simply a squeal of excitement for finding a new picture or blog of a Chinese baby
  • * Speaking of bookmarks--the hundred or more bookmarks of fellow adopters which takes forever to sift through
  • * The idea of retail therapy -- gotta be a girl thing
  • * The countless tears-- enough said about that

Truth be told though, I am chomping at the bit too since we will be getting our daughters picture this month. YEAH! Anyway, I love you Stacey and just wanted to let you know -- I read it today.

Gaylord Texan

We had the most wonderful time a few days ago and it did not cost us a dime....well except for the Santa photos and the hot chocolate. Our friends took us to the Gaylord Texan, a beautiful hotel and resort that goes all out for the holidays and the decorations are unbelievable. It was like walking in a world all on its own. I highly recommend this if you are in the Dallas area. You just go into the "Lobby" and look around . They have a miniature train display all over the area and if you go to where they are having the ice show you, they have a little Christmas entertainment for free. If you have a little extra cash on hand take in the ice show too, it is extraordinary! They have a few great restaurants and a nice coffee bar all in the promenade with lots of seating to watch the people going by. There is also a wonderful light display on the outside as well with darling figures that includes a Santa and his reindeer water skiing in a small pond...too cool! Oh and if you really need to see a ladybug be sure and check out the trains located on the left side of the lobby in little San Antonio to see this cute bug train.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Little Brother

This will be a quick post, I just wanted to wish my baby brother a happy 30th birthday.... How does it feel?????? You can no longer tease me about being in my 30's!! Love ya!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Parade Photos

Our parade adventure was a great one and I thought I would share a few photos from the 100's I took. I must admit when I saw these storm troopers marching down the street I got so excited it was so cool to see them. They looked like they just walked off the movie and into real life!
One of the really cool things that happened was I learned that there are still people in America that are nice and not rude. When we got to the parade it was getting pretty full and James really could not see all that well but we were making due, when out of the blue this really nice lady offered to let James sit on her blanket right up front. Well I let him... so not like me but I really wanted him to have the best experience. I was having a hard time seeing him and almost called him back to me when another lady totally gave up her spot so I could be closer to him and right up front myself. Now these people had been waiting two hours for the event to start and she told me she had been there every year for like 17 years and watched her kids and now her grand kids see the parade. I told her this was our first ( after she had given up her space) and she was so excited for James. I try to be kind to others but most of the time I get rudeness in return, but I felt so moved by the giving of the people we met that day. Here is James Front row and center for all the action.
James was wide eyed wonder for most of the parade not wanting to be bothered by me in any way shape or form, but when he say Clifford the big red dog he whipped around yelling mama mama mama, its CLIFFORD!!! He was smiling from ear to ear and could not take his eyes off this huge balloon. That is what it was all about for me. The sheer look of joy on my little boys face. What a great day.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Mother My Friend

Mother, if Beauty is in the eye of the beholder than you are more beautiful than a thousand seas of diamonds in my eves. You are loved more than you could ever imagine and cherished above and beyond all earthly things. I love you, Sis.

This post is a dedication to my mom. As I look forward to becoming a mom for the second time it is with great joy that I look at my relationship with my own mom. The mother daughter bond is a wonderful thing in my family and I am blessed to be close to my mommy! I can only hope that Miah and I will be half as close and you better believe I will do every thing in my power to make that happen. How could I not when the relationship I have with my own mother is one of the most rewarding and loving of my life. She has taught and continues to teach me things all the time, from the mundane got to know every day life things to the soul searching only time and wisdom can bring topics. She loves me with out conditions and taught me do love the same way even when it is not easy. She has mercy yet is as strong and grounded as they come. She does not wavier in adversity and has the ability to put others at ease in a crisis. My mother has been there for me, challenged me, moved me, been tough and realistic with me even when it was hard to do so. She has been excited for me and loves my husband as her own. She is the best Grandmother I could ever hope for James and she is just as excited to have Miah come into our family. She has been there through three adoptions processes and never been pushy or overbearing just listing and trying to understand the best she can all the ups and downs I have gone through with Lawyers and losing one baby in adoption, to the drastic change in this last adoption and the wait ever increasing. She has been there when I could not take anymore from my DH (all couples fight now and again) only to listen and then point out to me why I love him and what was really going on and the right way to look at it all. This has always been a very rare thing as when I got married (at 18) she pulled me aside and gave me one the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten. She said that she loved Randy and always would but if I wanted to make sure that the bond between the remained strong then I would not come to her with all my little woes and gripe about the little thing to her, because as much as she loves Randy I am her daughter and her natural instinct would be to protect me weather I needed it or not. Mom was right and I followed that advice knowing if I really needed her she was there to listen. thank you mom for teaching me to be a good wife, loving mother, loyal friend and Godly woman. You are my inspiration so much of the time in this life, I am truly blessed to have you. I look forward to the mother daughter bond I am about to form with my own little Miah!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No More Pictures

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Do you not just love how every time I tell him to pose he just falls right into it even in the middle of telling me no more pictures. How cute is that!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Photo Shoot....Again

I love to take pictures. Sometimes they turn out great and others times they are really bad, but usually I get a mix of both. My favorite photo subject are kids and especially my James. Now James is pretty funny about this some days he is all for it and like most kids some days he will not even pretend to be interested, but my favorite time is when he is funny about it. You know how it goes with kids they will do anything but smile at the camera... Oh the faces and things they do to get a laugh. So I pulled out my camera when I saw the "perfect" light in our play room and set up shop.... James had other ideas! Here are a few shots taken and stay tuned for a short video of his antics later. Oh and I will be posting his Winning shot closer to Christmas if you want to check back for it. Let me know what you think..... I love comments!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Holding my Breath

I feel like I am holding my breath, every second I am testing the limits before I can breathe again. It is only four days in to December and I am already looking for any hint of sign of when the stork will fly. How am I ever going to make it through this month let alone the time till we travel. Any one have any ideas as to what I should do to distract myself. I mean it is not like I do not have a hundred and one things to do for the holiday and lots of people to meet and places to go yet I still feel like I have way to much time on my hands to think..... Oh well I have wait this long I am sure I will make just a little longer. Oh and if I hold my breath long enough I just might pass out to pass a little time ;0).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my daddy's birthday and so I am sending him lots and lots of birthday cheer and wishes. I love ya daddy!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just a note

We are on our way to the Adolphus parade. This will be a first for James and I , one that I am really looking forward to. It seems like every year I say I want to go and every year something comes up. Not this time baby we are going to have ourselves a blast and make a memory to last a life time. Now that Miah is so close I am really letting it sink in that this time with James is the last bit of just him and I. Now that is not a bad thing at all but it is a big change. He has been the center of my world for Five years and Five months now. All my time has been his and all my love and affection as well *daddy being the exception to that rule. How will being a big brother really effect him? I feel positive and upbeat about it all and I know he has had plenty of time to mentally get ready for the change.... or at least as much as a five yr old can. So I am going to enjoy as much of these last days with him being our only child as I can. I want him to know just how much he is loved and cherished. Now off to have some fun!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Miah will come home to...

It is the first day of the last December I will ever spend without knowing my Miah! How cool is that I ask you... Pretty darn if you ask me! Well I was thinking this morning about all the people who are wait for Miah right along with me and the first that come to mind of course are her daddy and big brother. Then we have a Nene, Papa, Nana, Grandpa, Great Grand Daddy, Great Gram, Peeps and a list of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Not to mention a wonderful Church family and Great Neighbors and friends. Heck even my Doctor and his Nurse are ready to see her little face. As of now we have been waiting for just at 20 months if you include the paperchaseing and I do cuse I was waiting then too. All most all of the people listed above have known since the very beging and have supported us, even if they drove us nuts sometimes asking us when??!!?? Just having that to hang on to during this wild ride has been incredible and we thank you all! Oh and we are almost there and I PROMISE I will tell you the moment we know something, thank you for caring enough to be involved and aware of the process we have gone through. Thank you for loving us and our daughter.
Here are a few Pictures of who Miah will come home to.... This is Nana.These are her cousins, G.Gram, and Big Brother.Her Nene and Papa!Her Great Gram who is really ready to see her!Her Aunt and Uncle!!
There are many many many more!!!!