Friday, June 29, 2007


She is cute, lovable, and cuddly.... BUT.... We are having a few issues! Miah is hitting James, and yelling at him. Yep this little doll is giving her big brother one heck of a time and it has just been getting worse. James is trying so hard to be a good boy with her and some times it works but lately Miah seems to resist anything James does or she will flat out hit him. Heaven forbid he sit in my lap or get any type of affection from me or Randy . If she sees that she literally will scream at the top of her lungs and come running to be picked up and at that point if she can pull, push , or hit James away she will. I really am not sure what to do now, we tell her no when she is hitting , remove her from the situation, or James will move over to let her up too. I find this to be a fuzzy line for what a "normal" ( Yes she is normal but her past is not) 15 month old would do. I remember James doing some of this to an extent, but Miah seems hell bent on not sharing mommy at all, as well as daddy and any thing she deems to be hers. HELP?!?
The next issue we are having is FOOD. She wants to eat non stop, and will eat anything put in front of her. If anyone else is eating after she has finished her more than ample plate she will scream for what they have as well. She can sign bite and does so with much gusto most all day. She will walk to the kitchen and sign the word over and over again. The pediatrician says to cut her off and not to allow her to over eat and I do agree with this, but at the same time I feel bad telling her no when it comes to food. I am making sure is on a schedule and that I feed her on time but to be honest no matter how diligent I am if she sees me working with food she will CRY as if the world is coming to an end until I put something in her mouth. I know this will all work out but right now I feel very frustrated with it. I mean the child will literally sign for food as soon as I pick her up in the morning, as if she is starving. I hate thinking she feels deprived of anything, so how do I get through this and find a balance.
My Last issue for the day.... On the move and into everything!!!! Ok I know that is just part of having a toddler. Miah is BUSY, so different from James type of busy. I have nick named my Miah Elisabeth ...Busy Lizzy! I love this issue but boy am I tired at the end of the day!
For the most part our transition to being a family of four has been remarkably easy, much more so than what I prepared for, which I am glad I did prepare. However I am learning to watch for subtle behavior that is related to her past experience and how to deal with these issues in a non threatening way to her, as they hold some kind of comfort for her. When she acts in these ways she is saying she wants the control here, and needs it to feel safe. I want to teach her to trust me to see to all her needs with out her demanding I do so, I want her to feel safe. It will come, but it takes time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not ready for this!!!!!

So I was comfortable going through my day not worrying about any broken bones or bloody noses. James is not the kind of kid who jumps on the bed or climbs to the top of a tree. He really does not like sports that involve to much effort yet. So I thought I was safe for a while, I mean he is not even ready to have is training wheels off his bike yet...almost, but not YET! TO tell the truth I like it that way, I hate, HATE the thought of him getting even a skinned knee. My insides turn to jelly when he gets hurt and I freak out if I see him doing something that is even remotely dangerous. Ok I hover... Bad mommy... I know, but darn it he is my baby! I mean big boy. I want him to be a boy to try new adventures and have a great time doing it.... in theory.... but at the same time I want to protect him and I can not do that when he is spiraling down the street on a thin board! Granted he is almost six and it is time he get some spunk in his spine and not be afraid, so how do I let go and still keep him safe??????? By the way his dad thought it would be cute to PUSH him down the street at full FORCE. Thus the picture above courtesy of our neighbor Dave, because mommy could not watch for fear the constant sucking in of deep breaths would distract James and cause him more energy than if he focused at the task at hand. So here are the following two pictures after the full force ride.....

Don't worry baby there is always tomorrow. As much as it pains me to watch I know you can do it! Never give up on something you really want, always try again because getting there is always half the fun. Love ya big guy... I mean my baby!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Miah Gets a trim

So I had to make a choice, let Miah wear her hair up all the time or get it trimmed. So I let them trim it... Only the bangs and it took all of two minuets literally but you would have thought the earth was falling apart. Miah HATED it and I felt so bad but at least she can now see. This is the before

Here she is in misery.

Here is a face free of hair.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Prayer and positive thoughts

Some of you may rember that before Miah came home I took care of a baby girl for 16 months well now that baby is a big sister. Bella welcomed her baby sister Gabby home just two weeks ago. Gabby is in need of prayer and positive thoughts. Her mother found out today that she has Galactosemia. The Doctors are not sure to what degree this is as of yet and they are running a few more tests. When I know more I will post that information till then please remeber this family.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We Love You Daddy

It amazes me how great Randy is as a dad. I always knew he would be and even though he is not "perfect" he is pretty darn close. Last night at church a friend was telling him Happy Fathers day and that this year he is Doubly blessed... That Is SO true! We Love you Randy and I wanted to say Thank you for Choosing to be a dad, for going through this roller coaster ride to be parents with me and for loving and giving of your self every day. You are a hero in our eyes!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Family FotoFun Ford Style "Love"

I am loving this challenge from Donna at Double Happiness.... The theme this week is LOVE. I have got to admit that James and Miah are still trying to figure each other out and really learning how to be siblings. With that comes lots of testing and trying one another and mommy often has to step in with a little direction. However I know that they do love each other and are starting to form a bond to last a life time.... How do I know?? Well moments like this one though rare are becoming more and more frequent as time goes by in our home. This moment was not staged they were being "loving " of their own accord here and I am sooooooo glad I caught it on film.( Then I made them pose a few more times LOL). If you want to play along be sure to check out Double Happiness and add your own link.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A sweet read

I just had to share this special moment between brother and sister. Most of the time Miah will scream if James tries to touch her or get near anything that is hers, but this girl LOVES to be read to. She wants a book first thing in the morning and will literally jump out of my arms to get to them. I was doing laundry around the corner when I heard him and I RAN for my camera and walked in on the most tender scene, and wouldn't you know it but the battery was dead, so I fumble with the back just as he was finishing up... Bummer! Then I hear him say so sweetly..."want me to read it again" and so I got just enough on film. I am so proud of you James you did a GREAT job!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Family FotoFun Ford Style

Donna over at Double Happiness has a great Family FotoFun Friday Challenge going this week and here are a few pictures I found looking back at a few of the messes James has made. Oh and one of Miah too!Ok so most every one knows if your child is a little to quite you better come running... I remember this as if were yesterday and I swear I can still smell the Cucumber Melon in James' hair! He was soooo cute trying to rub in the lotion... At least he got half of the application in the right place. It was so funny to me I could not get on to him so I grabbed the camera and took pictures instead.
Now this mess was all my doing... Here is James getting to lick the mixer blades with brownie batter for the first time. I so loved this moment with him it is one of my fondest memories as a child doing this very thing.
This picture is another all time favorite along with the other hundred I took that day. Believe it or not James is not in trouble here. I actually let him play in this puddle, he had been begging me every time it rained to play in the water and I just would not let him until this day. I just told him to go for it, and well he did. At first just little splashes and then bigger and bigger until he was wet from head to toe and in Little Boy Heaven. I had Randy hold him up so I could get a shot of him standing still and then Randy put him back down to enjoy a little more boy bliss.

Yes I know this does not LOOK messy, Oh but if you only knew! I caught Miah "sharing" a cookie with our friend Cassie whom we babysit from time to time. Now I say sharing lightly because her idea of sharing was to place her entire fist full of cookie in the dogs mouth , giggle and pull out her fist with the cookie still in hand and proceed to eat the cookie... YUCK!!!

I am sure I could share several more Messy pictures but I will leave you to go and check out Donna's other blog contributors.


I have been tagged by Kelley and per her written words the directions are:
Here are the “rules”: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Ok 8 things about me you may not know...

1. I found the love of my life at the age of 14 married him at the age of 18 and are working on 14 years of marriage this December.

2. I am afraid to drive anywhere I have not been before and only recently really started going out on my own any farther than a few miles.

3. I am a Praise and Worship leader at our church

4. I love to swim, don't care about my hair or what I look like to anyone else, Swimming brings me a feeling of self peace.

5. I am never satisfied with any scrapbook page I create, I always feel something is missing or it just turned out a flop, but I just keep going because I love it!

6. I LOVE SciFi... I am adictted to it and have been know to watch it for hours if I can get away with it.

7. I also Love to read, but latley it is really hard to find the time.

8. I want to fit in. I hate that I feel like an outsider most all the time, but I am working on being friendly so that others will see me as a friend, to tell the truth I am terribly shy... even when blogging.

There is a second way to play this game and here are the new or revised rules for that: You share four things that were new to you in the past four years. Four things you learned or experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years. New house, new school, new hobby, new spouse, new baby, whatever. Then you have to list four new things you want to try in the next four years.

1.Becoming a mommy to a little girl.... totally different from my son!

2.Homeschooling James ... This was full of good and bad times, it is not as easy as it looks.

3.I have learned that I am ok as me but there is always room to grow. I should love me where I am at but not leave me there.

4.Not every one who calls you their friend has your best interest at heart and sometimes no matter how much you love someone it just simply is not enough to make them love you.

Things I want to try are...

1.Disney World... always wanted to go and now I have two reasons why I should (James and Miah)

2.To break out of my shell and invite some people over for a bbq just to get to know them. I know that sounds small but for me it is huge.... So afraid of rejection.

3.Karaoke... Another breaking out my shell moment

4.To open my own small business making special scrapbook pages for others. I also want to open a little Bow shop...guess we will see.

Ok here I am asked to tag eight others.... Well all the people I would have tagged are already tagged so if you want to play along leave a comment and I will put your link here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On the Mend

Today was a good day all things considered. Miah made it through her surgery with flying colors and is now on the mend. She was a little groggy for most of the day and wobbly on her feet, but other wise she had no side effects. We are suppose to keep her still for the next two days... Yeah right... That will take a miracle. She also can not get wet for two days and then she is good to go and we just wait for the patch to fall of instead of stitches being removed, that works for me. They are still feeling positive about the cyst that was removed but sent it of to pathology just to make sure.

I was a little sad because I think Miah was mad at me today and only came to me as a last resort... Ouch that hurts! She never let me out of sight but she would only let daddy hold her for the longest time. It was better tonight and I know she was in good hands but I do not like that feeling at ALL! I know better than to get on her bad side now.

Thank you for all who said a prayer for our girl! Enjoy the only picture I took today... Don't know what I was thinking???? But to tell you the truth I love what this one says to me. I AM JUST FINE !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Catching Up

Well it has been some time since I have written on the old blog here so I thought I would do some catching up. First of all I will tell you it has been much busier around our home the last month since Miah has taken off walking and falling and walking and well falling some more. She is defiantly getting the bumps and bruises to prove it! James has finished Kindergarten and is enjoying the summer rays. I have decided to put him in public school next year and am trying to gear him up for that... So far he is REALLY against it, but I think he needs to see that school is not just fun and games and that mommy really is not that mean in making him learn to read! I know that seems like a contradiction that he dose not want to go, but thinks it is all fun all the time... go figure.
Tomorrow will be three months since our first moments with Miah and some days I can hardly believe it has been that long, but to tell you the truth most of the time it feels like she has always been a part of our family. It is difficult to think of life without her in it. The wait was so long that I just knew that I would never get over it and now I can say that every day it is a little more of a distant memory... One I will never forget mind you but it is no where near as painful as being in that state of suspense and not knowing when it would end. There are a few wonderful people that I have the privilege of knowing (Bob & Erin , Christie & Anton, Robyn & Paul , and Valarie & Gary ) who are even now in the wait of a life time... Hey guys my heart is out there for you... I am praying and keeping a hopeful heart that your day will be sooner rather than later. Then you will look up and a few months will have passed and I can tell you the changes that happen are remarkable. Miah went from not even rolling over both ways to finally crawling and then walking. She is saying a few words like hi (SOOOO Cute) Bye-Bye, Mama, Mame (for James) and a few things I am not to sure of but she sure trys hard to say them.
Now to tell you about what has been going on just this last week and what we are about to face in two days. Miah has learned her own version of signing daddy, and well the other day she was doing so and out of the blue started calling Randy baba. It took me a few minutes to realize it but sure enough she calls Randy baba all of her own accord. We always say daddy or dada so I know she learned to say this in China. How cool is that. We have also been given the scare of a lifetime by our darling princess. She had been running a very high temp. for two days so I took her into the Ped. office only to be told it was viral nothing to be done but give her Motrin, fluids, and rest. So we left said office and headed out for home with a quick stop at walmart to grab a few dr. recommended items i.e. Popsicles and juice when the unthinkable took place.
Let me start from the beginning of walking in Walmart. I was looking for a cart with the baby seat attached with none in sight, when in walked a young man with just what I needed and I grabbed the cart put Miah in the seat and headed out. She was hot, but I already knew that, at the Dr. office her temp. was 103 but we had given her some Motrin and it should be kicking in by now so I am not worried. We are shopping and it looks like she is drifting off to la la land and I am rubbing her feet and talking to her softly trying to avoid others with small children as not to pass on her germs. Now I am almost done shopping when I get this check in my spirit, and I clearly feel that I am to call out her name. " Miah" I say with not response, not to worried thinking she is just sleepy then again "Miah, MIAH" at the point fear creep ed in like fog rolling in. I reached out to touch her and say her name again when I see the tiniest tremor from her. I know I have never moved so fast in all my life I pulled her out of the seat only to feel her little body go completely stiff. She was so hot it was radiating from her. Mind you the feaver should have been coming down by now, but that was obviously not the case. As her body stiffed up her head rolled back and her mouth looked like it was full of marbles, with her arms sticking straight out. A second... one tiny second, and I had to react. As it turns out I was standing in a aisle directly across from the pharmacy and I grab the end of the cart and barreled across the isle yelling at one poor lady " MOVE! PLEASE, I AM SORRY!!!" as I get to the pharmacy I see one guy and I focuse on him saying HELP me PLEASE I do not know what to do and she is Seizing... Poor guy, he did not hesitate, but he had not clue what to do either... Praise the Lord I look up and see the Phone ... Right there where I walked to where he would not haft to leave me so I tell him in a very firm commanding voice 911 NOW. Ok to this point we are talking fifteen to twenty seconds at the most and I have Miah in my arms shaking with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. I thought some of the most awful thoughts in that time span and I still managed to get help and tell them what to do to help me... Lets just say I REALLY get the whole mother bear thing now. Ok so Vik ( the pharmacist) is on the phone with 911 giving me instructions, and I grab my cell to call Randy get my mom instead and tell her to send Randy to Walmart right away. Still trying to soothe Miah they tell me to lay her on her side which I do on the counter which was right at a food wide while I am trying to dial Randy, talk to her, hear what Vik is saying and pray all at the same time... Some how I did it! Finally after misdialing Randy 4 times I get him only to say "GET TO WALMART NOW!! JUST COME!" Poor daddy had no clue what was wrong and to be honest his first thought was that I had run over a kid. ????? So back to Miah... It was about three Minutes now and the shaking had stooped,and was replaced by a look I never, NEVER want to see agian. Her eyes were vacant and try as I might I could get no response from her. She was in this state for about seven minutes before she started a low pitch moan that she repeated over and over. The 911 operator told us not to let her go to sleep and Randy was still not there nor was the ambulance. So I called Randy again and he answers only to have me scream Where are you?? Sorry babe. He could not find me in the store so I directed him. Miah was still on her side on this tiny counter moaning with that vacant look and I saw in Randys eyes what I felt in my whole body. Complete helplessness and fear beyond all reason. He was so tender with her it make my heart ache to think about it.About two minutes later the ambulance arrive and Miah still has not responded to anything, nor did she respond to the four huge strange men touching, talking and poking on her. When they took her temp. it was 104.3 after poking her thumb to take a blood sugar she finally began to cry... Music to my ears. They loaded us up in the ambulance and off we went to the hospital where much screaming and crying followed with all the poking prodding and just not fun stuff went on including an IV for fluids. All blood work was fine and after about five hours we were sent home with strict instructions to alternate meds every 3 hours through the night and to take her in the morning back to her Peds office. The seizure was due to the high fever and there was nothing that could have prevented it, or no way we could have known it was coming. I will haft to be pretty careful with any fevers she has in the future, but there are not side effects from this ordeal and they say she was not in pain ( not to sure I believe that). She is finally over her viral infection and the nasty rash that followed it, so we are good to go now. Good to go for surgery that is... YEP more needles and doctors to follow.
So if you pray please say a quick one for Miah as on the 6th she will go in for a minor surgery to remove a cyst on her right hip. I am not so concerned with the removal as I am them putting her to sleep, that just scares me. They will send the cyst of just to make sure that there are no problems, but at this point the doctors are sure there is nothing serious to worry about. I will post details after the fact.
So that is my catching up for now. Here is a picture of a very sick little girl reaping the benefits.