Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Time

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and it seems like time is flying by as usual. I am all excited this season waiting for Christmas. My home is decked out in old and new trimmings and the kids are already trying to get into the ton of gifts wraped and placed under our new tree. I started the shopping and wraping early this year and now I am having trouble not buying more things! I love Christmas... I see it as a romantic time of year. More than likly becuse Re and I were married on the 19th of December. It is magical to me and I love seeing my kids glow with excitement and teaching the true meaning of the season. They are such a joy to behold with the twinkle in their little eyes! Here are a few Pictures from our start to the Holiday, and may your days be Merry and Bright!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the Red

Miah is a girly girl... All the way, and I love that about her. She will sit for an hour and let me do all kinds of fun things to her hair with out complaint. Once in a while she will ask "are done yet"? and I will say "nope" and she will just smile and say "Tay". It is without a doubt a dream come true for me. Dress up and shoes are her favorite play things and the word pretty is heard several times a day in our home... SOOOOO FUN! Now the down side, all be it a small one is this....
I swear I was in the next room and this took her all of three minutes to do! I thought she was going to the potty and was trying to see how well she did on her own. So hear rustling around and call her to me and she will not come... I guess she was trying to finish the job. So I called again and this time she came running with the biggest smile on her little face and shouted "Pretty". Insert Groan here, do you laugh, scream , cry or just nod your head at this point... To be honest I think I did a little of all of that. To her credit all the mess was on her feet with very little on my floor and none of it made it onto the carpet. My little stinker!
On any given day this is what you might find Miah in. That or a Princess Dress or any "Fancy Shoes" she can find. I really do LOVE this and am in no hurry for her to ever grow out of this stage!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Scrap LO

I wanted to share my latest SB page... I so love working with the colors in this photo and playing around with diffrent styles. Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Time

Thought I would share a few Photos from our fun candy time .... And now it is November.... Wow time sure does fly!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Patch

I love the Pumpkin Patch!! This year was our 5th trek to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch... WOW! The first year we went I told DH that I wanted to make this a tradition and now with five years under our belt I would say we are off to a good start and the wonderful part is that James LOVES it and starts looking forward to it in July and August. Out of the blue he will just start sighing and asking when is it time to go to the Patch. Miah had a great time on her secound trip and I think she too will be looking forward to next year and all the fun we will have. Happy Fall Ya'll!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dress up time

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I got this little outfit for dressup time and Miah just loves it... I think she is pretty darn cute in it too!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Before and After

Before I knew life on my own there was my mother. My anchor in life and a constant reminder that I was very loved. She held me, fed and clothed me. She protected me and gave me room to fly. My mother was and is a friend to me when I needed one, a role model and drill Sargent if she needed to be. Most everything I learned in life came from her.
After I had moved into a life of being an adult and many years of waiting and longing, along came my daughter. I want to be an anchor in her life and a constant reminder that she is very loved. I will hold, feed and clothe her. I want to protect her innocence and give her room to fly. I want to be a role model and drill Sargent if I need to be... I want to be a friend when she needs me to be. I want to teach her many things in this life, but most of all I want to love her.
My before and after, My Mother, My Daughter.... what blessings they are to me and how sweet is it to be in the middle of such love! More than anything I want them both to have a very special bond, to be close and learn from each other... there is a quote by Charles Dickens: "Nature gives to every time and season, some beauties of its own." I must say that this is so very true and never more so than when I look at my Mother and Daughter together.

Love My Dad

These Are a few pictures of my family... My dad, Mom and DH! I had a chance just to shoot the camera with some results I love.

My dad has changed a lot in the last few months and is not as young as he use to be. I know he is not feeling really great and I just keep thinking about how quickly we lost Randys dad. Now all the time I have with my dad is Presious... I do not want to take one single moment for granted and I soak up all that I can when I am with him. I love you dad!
Time moves so quickly and life just flys by... Don't wait to say I love you. Don't hesitate to make that call or say what is on your heart. Tommrow is not promised, Live in the moment God gave you today and Love now.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning to do word art

Wow I learned a new trick today!!! I can make word art! I am trying to figure out how to share it and when I do it will be free to you too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tricycles and "NO"

It is a fact of life... They will grow up. No matter how hard you wish for them to stay little, time marches on. Now we are in the stage of Tricycles and "NO!"s. With all stages it has it wonderful moments and its "let's just forget that ever happened" moments. Half way through the "2"s and I am telling you when they called my daughter spicy they really had no idea how right they were. I would not wish this time away for the world, the cute things she says and the funny little quirks that only two year olds do,, keep me in stitches. However I must admit to being at my wits end at some point in every day with the tantrums and whining. They say you can gauge how your child will be as teen when they are in the 2s&3s. HELP ME!!!! Moody, Yep that is what I am in for with her.... Loving, Loyal and down right MOOOOOOODY! Well in a blink it will be on to the next stage so for now I am will embrace this too and see if I can buy a few wits on E@@bay.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Kit

Wow, what fun is it to get something new?? Well my friend Kelly at Caffeine Created Designs has a new kit out and even better than that it is free! Please check it out and help me keep her cranking out the awsome work. Now for my take on the beautiful kit.

Please note credit also goes to TaylorMade for the Original Word art and Carrie Stephens for the Design Sparkels.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

China Sisters

Well I am getting the hang of this digital stuff and I can tell you the sky is the limit... I just need to learn the basics! I made my first word art... ok really it is just the title, but hey I will get there. and the flowers are all mine too and so fun to do!! Maybe I will do a kit someday.
Now the photos are of my dd China Sisters and this is my current project, I am making an adoption book for Miah that I plan to print out for her to look at when ever she wants.


The papers here are more from my Friend Kelly... Be sure and stop by and check out the kits she has waiting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Digital Art!!!

Wow this digital scraping is just as addictive as paper!! I made this LO in an hour, which for me is rare!! This kit is awsome and made by my friend Kelly over at Caffeine Created Designs she has several freebies so if you find the time please check them out!!**** Thank you Kelly for the great Kit!!!

Oh and by the way this is my DS at about 18 months old, it is so hard to belive that he is now a 2nd grader!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going Digital

I have been wanting to do digital LayOuts for a while, but had no really friendly program... Till now!! Photoshop Elements 6 and a few free digi kits and I am on my way. What do ya think??

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Pictures

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I took these pictures of Miah this morning and I can hardly ignore the little lady she is becoming. I am amazed at how fast time is flying by now and that she will be two and a half in two days.... Where did the time go???
We are all most completly done with potty training Big YEAH there and she is talking more and more like a big girl every day. Her favorite things in the world are that lovie and all things disney Princess! Dancing and gymnastics run a very close second, not to mention her new dare acts!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I know it has been a long while since I have sat down and really posted anything here. Life has just been moving at a faster pace as of late and well I guess I have been living it away from the computer. I am putting this up for a few of you who still check in from time to time to say Hi and let you know we really are doing just fine. Both Miah and James are growing more and more every day and well they are also finding it most fun to drive mommy up a wall!!!! No really they are doing great, James is starting secound grade in one week and I am looking into putting Miah in a dance class or some type of Gymnastics program if I can find one around here. Miah is potty trianing now and let me tell you I do not care what anyone says I think Boy are way easier to train. She is just all over the place about going to the bathroom and we have a long way to go yet, but I know she will get there and surely before kindergarten. We just got back from a dream vacation at Walt Disney World and loved it!!!! James rode so many rides I never thought I would get him on and Miah could ride almost every thing and they both did great. The best moments were the little unplaned things that I will never forget and meeting the charecters... Both kids were just lit up to see the Mouse! I am putting up a few pictures and I hope you enjoy! Bye for now

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All is well

I know I have not written in a long while, but we are all doing well. Just busy with summer here and life. I hope to start picking up with the blog again soon, but until then I will leave you with a new scrap page... Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Just wanted to share what I have been doing as of late... Scraping!!
The top page is from a couple months after we got home, the two middle ones are both from gotcha day and the last one is from just the other day, my little angle or is it ham???