Thursday, July 16, 2009

Been a while

The first glimpse of summer. Love to see the kids in bright colors.
Here is my little man at his field day that miah and I attended. We all had a blast and James did great! I love watching with his class mates and seeing how far out of his shell he has finally come.

"Let me just pose for you a moment.

This is one of my current favorite of Miah. She was really putting on the faces for me... My Drama Princess is fit to act!

James is one of the most blessed little boys ever... A week before his birthday Randy and I decided to give him Randys Star Wars collection of figures and toys. The collection was two large tubs full that took Randy a few years to gather and they were all still in the package. James was overjoyed and it is several weeks gone by now and he is still opening the figures. We let him have five a day.

Miah is growig more and more every day. I love watching her bloom but the attitude she has as of late is one I can really do with out. She has figured out the word MINE and she usese at least twenty times a day. On the other had she can be very loving when she wants to.

These two are starting to learn how to play together but most of the time they spend their time picking on each other and driving me crazy. When they want to they can be very loving with one another!

These two pictures were taken on James 8th birthday(7-9) ...EIGHT!! Where did the time go??? One miniute I am holding him and changing dipers and the next thing I know He is headed into third grade and talking about girls calling him cute.... Yes I did write that.... girls calling him cute!!??!!