Sunday, September 09, 2007

Miah Gets a Kitchen

So I am loving the word FREE... My neighbor was getting rid of a Step 2 kitchen and I said I wanted it for Miah and how much did he want for it? Well his daughter had drawn on it with crayola and put stickers all over it , along with pen marks and silver nail polish so he said I could just have it. Ok sounds great to me and Miah would never even know the diffrence anyway. So Randy brought it home last night and I went to work this morning on it and let me tell you I just love a product that works. This thing look brand new out of the box and it was FREE!!! I used Mr. Clean Magic eraser on the crayon and pen marks and they came right out... got to love that. Then I used finger nail poslish on the silver marks, again they came right out. Now the stickers took just a little more time, but with goo gone they were no match for my elbow grease and are not just a distant memory as well. This toy I have seen on ebay and craigs list going for 40 to 60 dollars used and not even close to this condition, so let me just say a big Thank you Dave!!

Here is Miah loving her new Kitchen that was FREE!!


Sophie's Mom said...

Now THAT'S a deal! Beautiful girl, in a snazzy kitchen!

Ladybugs' Mom said...

What a nice neighbor! We received some of the best toys as hand-me-downs and others we spent tons on money on and our kids didn't even play with it! Gotta love hand-me-downs! Miah look so happy!

Christie said...

Sooooo cute! I totally have to get a kitchen for Keira...(or me...ahem..)

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Can't beat free with a stick! Miah is going to have so much fun cooking for the family.

Missed you this week. Hope to see you soon.