Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Little Miss Avery

What is the next best thing to getting your own refferal?? Watching people who are over the moon special get their refferal of course!

Robyn and Paul, words can not express how truly happy I am that your day has finally come and now you are on the last leg of this journey and about to start a whole new one. Your little Avery is such a beautiful child and I know that you are going to be "rockin" parents for her. I can not wait to meet her and I am praying for a safe, filled with adventure trip to China for you. May your TA come quickly and your plane fly swiftly!

Now if by some chance you out there have not seem Little Miss Avery, your missing out and you should go directly to see her! Make sure you give a shout out to her parents as they deserve all the love... They have waited a long time for this day.


Paul & Robyn: said...

Thank you so much for the "shout out" Stacy. We are so blessed to have so many friends be excited for us. Can't wait to have Avery and Miah playdates!!

Anonymous said...


Your little Miah is too cute !! Thanks for the cute video.

Avery's Grandma Martha