Monday, March 17, 2008

Child of Mine

Child of Mine
Your beauty is as radiant as the sun coming up at first light touching all that it sees with warmth and golden caresses. You shine my little one from the inside out and you take my breath away with the very tenderness of your being. I am blessed to know you and yet even more so to love you. How is it that I was given the wonderful task of being your mother, how is it that I can call you Child of Mine? Joy, so full that all the containers in the world could not hold it is what I feel when I call you my daughter, so much am I in love with you Child of Mine. Your laugh is like the most beautiful waterfall, rushing out and embracing all that it touches. Smile and I am blinded by the pure innocence behind it. Cry and I can hardly bear the thought of anything causing you pain. To protect you and keep you from harm is my wish and I try diligently to do so. I love you, Child of Mine.


Briana's Mom said...

So beautiful!

Sophie's Mom said...

Uber CUTE!!!

Sarah said...

That's really beautiful.