Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Before and After

Before I knew life on my own there was my mother. My anchor in life and a constant reminder that I was very loved. She held me, fed and clothed me. She protected me and gave me room to fly. My mother was and is a friend to me when I needed one, a role model and drill Sargent if she needed to be. Most everything I learned in life came from her.
After I had moved into a life of being an adult and many years of waiting and longing, along came my daughter. I want to be an anchor in her life and a constant reminder that she is very loved. I will hold, feed and clothe her. I want to protect her innocence and give her room to fly. I want to be a role model and drill Sargent if I need to be... I want to be a friend when she needs me to be. I want to teach her many things in this life, but most of all I want to love her.
My before and after, My Mother, My Daughter.... what blessings they are to me and how sweet is it to be in the middle of such love! More than anything I want them both to have a very special bond, to be close and learn from each other... there is a quote by Charles Dickens: "Nature gives to every time and season, some beauties of its own." I must say that this is so very true and never more so than when I look at my Mother and Daughter together.

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