Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the Red

Miah is a girly girl... All the way, and I love that about her. She will sit for an hour and let me do all kinds of fun things to her hair with out complaint. Once in a while she will ask "are done yet"? and I will say "nope" and she will just smile and say "Tay". It is without a doubt a dream come true for me. Dress up and shoes are her favorite play things and the word pretty is heard several times a day in our home... SOOOOO FUN! Now the down side, all be it a small one is this....
I swear I was in the next room and this took her all of three minutes to do! I thought she was going to the potty and was trying to see how well she did on her own. So hear rustling around and call her to me and she will not come... I guess she was trying to finish the job. So I called again and this time she came running with the biggest smile on her little face and shouted "Pretty". Insert Groan here, do you laugh, scream , cry or just nod your head at this point... To be honest I think I did a little of all of that. To her credit all the mess was on her feet with very little on my floor and none of it made it onto the carpet. My little stinker!
On any given day this is what you might find Miah in. That or a Princess Dress or any "Fancy Shoes" she can find. I really do LOVE this and am in no hurry for her to ever grow out of this stage!

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