Wednesday, April 15, 2009


we picture {this}
The mamarazzi blog theme this month is Daughters, and well that happens to be one of my favorite subjects to capture... My daughter. I am still just a fledgling at taking pictures but I did try Manual Mode on the top photo I wish I could give you all the details, but try as I might I can not seem to figure out where to find it. I can tell you I use a Nikon D40 and I used the 18-55 mm lens. The bottom Photo is a picture of my daughter and my best friends daughter and I love the way Bree's eyes just pop. This was taken with the girls sitting in the open door way with the bright light not quite reaching them... also in Manual Mode with the same lens.

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Oh and as always if you want a better look at the photos all you haft to do is click on them and they will enlarge.


Catherine said...

Such beautiful photos. I love the top one because of the composition. She is adorable and you caught such a sweet moment. I also love how the sunlight is falling on her hair and that expression on her darling face. The second one is so lovely. I love how your daughters arm is around her friend. I bet they have so much fun together!

Rebecca said...

You did a good job in manual! The exposure is great!! I think if you have your photo open in like a Windows photo gallery, if you click "File - properties" it should show you what all your settings were. :) Hope that helps!

Lovely pictures!