Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Been a while

Wow I really am behind on this blog! Truth be told I got going on facebook and caught up in my scrapbooking. I know no excuse and to my two fans out there I am really sorry!!!! Ok Ok so your not my fans... yeah you only come here to see pictures of the kids. Well the kids are doing well, James is off to a rocky start in third grade, but has a great teacher and a new attitude so all is well on that front. Miah is in gymnastics and has her first meet next month. I think I am more excited about it than she is.They are both going all the time! Miah has learned her abc's and how to spell her name and now she spells everything...MIAH spells Mommy.... MIAH spells dog... MIAH spells.... Cookie, and so on and so on. She is singing ALL THE TIME too, and it is not a little quiet song that is pleasing to the ear. Nope not my Miah, in the middle of Wal mart she feels the need to belt it in super soprano for all the hear and cover their ears. Don't get me wrong she sings well and on key but Lord help me the child sings so high that it hurts! We are also at the age where I have got to tell her at least twenty times in a span of a few moments to PUT HER DRESS DOWN!!!! I so sound like my mom. James is really into transformers and calling his friends and not so much into girls or homework. He has really been trying me with this homework thing and in his defense the school has been sending him WAY TO MUCH homework to do. Yeah when you have a conference call with a teacher and they tell you that they are dropping a whole subject off the homework list do to parent complaint, you know you were not really going crazy. Ok now I know what you really want to see are the pictures so enjoy and I will try not to wait several months to post again!


Christie said...

I LOVE that last picture - so brother and sister-y. Love it!

Glad to see you posted!


Jay and Kelly said...

Hi Stacey! I just wanted to thank you for the post a few weeks ago. Finally able to catch my breath after receiving the referral. I have found out that my daugther was sponsered by Dianjiang Kids and they have photos and records that they will be able to provide when she returns home. So excited! I am hearing positive things about this orphange which makes me happy. If there is anything that you think I should know don't hesitate to pass along. I am up for any words of wisdom. :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Very cute kids!