Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A photo Shoot with Miah

Today Miah and I spent a few hours alone. Just the two of us and I decided to take advantage and do a photo shoot. It is such fun trying to capture that perfect picture and I am convinced some day I will but in the mean time I must admit if the pictures are not perfect the subject certainly is. Miah was much more int rested in a a leaf and being in my lap (NOTE: I LOVE that!) than in having her pictures taken. IT was all good and I had a few really clarifying moments.. One she is ... IS... my daughter and Two she is beautiful, I mean a classic beauty inside and out. I love this child so much. Enjoy the photos... These are a few that I took that actually had some potential... But hey the fun is in trying!


Kelley said...

Your daughter is beautiful and sweet...just like her mommy!

Donna & Andrew said...

Beautiful Pictures Stacey. Miah is just to cute! What type of camera are you using?