Monday, May 21, 2007

Protecting The Site

I have been considering the idea of protecting this site and for now I have decided to wait. I do not have a large following and that is fine with me, so I feel a little better. I am also getting a few tools to help me keep track of who is coming to this site. I just want to make sure my children are safe and really that is what this blog is about, my babies. I would love to go deep on a few issues but I do not do that here so I feel like flaming is not an issue for me right now either. This blog is just to write about the pain of the journey as well as the joy, and now that ,that part of the ride is over I want to write about all the wonderful things that my kids do,and oh yeah the not so wonderful things too. Really it is a journal of sorts for me to look back on but I also choose to share a few of our moments with others too. I also wanted to say thank you to those who sent me an email... I got back to most of you, but if for some reason you did not get an email from me please let me know. Thank you all for being a part of our little corner of the world.


Colleen said...

I've been thinking about it too. I think when we get back from China in July I will go password.

Miah is soooo cute!!

Tonia said...

I recently went to a password protected blog for the same reasons. We've had a sexual predator move into our community and I am so parinoid. I don't have a big list of followers either and figured they wouldn't mind moving with me. Miah and so adorable. It's wonderful to finally see her home!