Monday, October 29, 2007

Carving a pumpkin

Are you kidding me mom, I do NOT want to stick my hand in there!!!!
EWWWW, Sticky Stuff.... Ok I touch one little seed, but that is ALL!
YEAH gross stuff to play with.... OH MIAH.... Hehe!!
What a great job James! ( Daddy did all the carving but James was a wonderful supervisor and gave great instructions!)

What fun it is to get a squishy with our hands...or not! This was another first for our little Miss Miah and boy did I have fun, I mean did THEY have fun. We went with a simple pattern this year, but the best part was trying to get Miah to put her hands in the pumpkin. She was having no part of that and would hardly touch the seeds I pulled out. It took a while to convince her it was ok, but I have got to say she want not at all impressed with the sticky squishy stuff at all. James on the other hand could not get enough and offered to help with sisters pumpkin too. He was all about the experience and loved every second of the gooey mess.

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Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun!

I can't wait to see Trick or Treat pictures of your two gorgeous children.

We go to Grace's school for their festival and then go to her grandparents where she can dig through and see all her goodies.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Beth and Grace