Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Favorite Time of Year

It is my favorite time of year.... Holiday time!!! To me the season of fun, laughter, and family begins with a trip to the pumpkin patch, and this year my heart is so full. The last two years I said that Miah will be here next year, but this year..... My baby girl was the cutest pumpkin in the patch. Oh course her big brother was the most handsome!

I had the best time today watching Miah soak in the atmosphere, she loved every second of it. With that being said it was really difficult to get pictures, she just wanted to go,go,go!! James also had a great time, you know catching bugs, trying to destroy a pumpkin or two. Not to mention chasing little sister and riding a few rides. This is our fourth year at this patch and I have got to tell you it is the best one I have found. First of all it is free, the rides and bounce houses are free to do as well. They have vendors with reasonable prices, but you can bring a pick nick lunch if you like and eat at one of the many tables provided. Really if you choose not to you could go all day and not spend a dime, but I personally love to buy the tiny pumpkins for the kids to carry around the house and draw happy faces on, and I love kettle corn... SOOOO GOOD! What I love most is the family fun, we all can do this together and enjoy each others company, throw a little hay around and take a few pictures (if you can catch them), these are the memories I want my kids to have, the moments where the rest of the world goes away and we are just us.... Having Fun! Enjoy the pictures and if you can find a few hours to visit a pumpkin patch.



Beverly said...

What cute pictures. What a sweet tired baby.


Christie said...

Great Pics Stacy!!!

Missed you!