Monday, November 05, 2007

Eight Months

What was that mom?? Eight months with you and daddy???
Yeah!!! Below is a picture with Miah and her referral photo, in fact this is the first time she has really seen it.

Has time really gone by that fast? It seems like yesterday I was marking the days off the calendar with a longing sigh just to see my daughters face. Now I am cleaning that face and loving every smile I see on that face too! She is amazing and every thing I dreamed of, no she is much much more than I hoped for. These last eight months have flown by and we have watched her bloom and grow, discover herself and the world around her, and begin to love and be loved with out fear. Miah has gone from not being able to roll over to walking, running, dancing, jumping and wiggling all over the place. She has gone from cooing to singing and talking. Her personality comes out a little more every day and I will warn the world she is a spit fire, my girl will take the world and tilt it on the side. I love you Miah, you make my heart so very,very glad!


Kelley said...

Seeing Miah and reading your words makes my heart sing!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

She is as cute as can be!