Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catching up again

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is the first of December. I was thinking about a year ago I wrote a post thanking those who were waiting for Miah with us, and now she has spent her first Thanksgiving with them so I thought I would share a few pictures, better late than never.

Nene and Miah are good to go with a sippy and snacks they can have a ball.

Well I guess if we haft to have a weird face in the picture at least they were all on the same page!

Ok this one is a little better!

Hey I do have happy kids.... Laughing at PaPa is so much fun!

Miah Is Singing to her Papa.... SOOOO CUTE!


Angela said...

You are so blessed!!! Isn't God wonderful??? :-)


Beverly said...

I love her little pants. So cute.