Thursday, September 11, 2008

China Sisters

Well I am getting the hang of this digital stuff and I can tell you the sky is the limit... I just need to learn the basics! I made my first word art... ok really it is just the title, but hey I will get there. and the flowers are all mine too and so fun to do!! Maybe I will do a kit someday.
Now the photos are of my dd China Sisters and this is my current project, I am making an adoption book for Miah that I plan to print out for her to look at when ever she wants.


The papers here are more from my Friend Kelly... Be sure and stop by and check out the kits she has waiting.


Kelley said...

I think you have the hang of it...
Beautiful, as always!
I am finalizing a fall kit (I'm tired of it being hot) and a kit inspired by Meisey.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your old blog this morning... I enjoy reading your posts, you have a way with words and I think your pictures and scrap pages are wonderful :D