Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tricycles and "NO"

It is a fact of life... They will grow up. No matter how hard you wish for them to stay little, time marches on. Now we are in the stage of Tricycles and "NO!"s. With all stages it has it wonderful moments and its "let's just forget that ever happened" moments. Half way through the "2"s and I am telling you when they called my daughter spicy they really had no idea how right they were. I would not wish this time away for the world, the cute things she says and the funny little quirks that only two year olds do,, keep me in stitches. However I must admit to being at my wits end at some point in every day with the tantrums and whining. They say you can gauge how your child will be as teen when they are in the 2s&3s. HELP ME!!!! Moody, Yep that is what I am in for with her.... Loving, Loyal and down right MOOOOOOODY! Well in a blink it will be on to the next stage so for now I am will embrace this too and see if I can buy a few wits on E@@bay.

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Becky said...

I always said when my boys were growing up, it wasn't the terrible twos it was the terrible threes! Yes, we are living those. I don't have the "no" sayer but I have what I like to refer to as bossy gossy! Because she thinks she rules the roost and tells her brothers and trys to tell me what to do. Again I know it is a stage as is this screaming she does, but I want some of what you are looking for if you find it!