Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day 5&6: Drama... No I mean Trama & LO's

Day 6 First... I am working backwards here! So as you can see by the pictures I have been working on my LO challenge to myself... and I have even had a friend join me!! So make sure you check out Robin and her LOs as well. Ok here are three more LOs and then there is one not posted here since I went out on a limb and entered it into a small contest here... On the Hop. That brings my total to 6 so far and look I am only on day 6!!! I think I am going to make it!

LO 1: This is not my favorite, but I decided to go ahead and keep it.
LO2: This is James at three 1/2 and dancing his little heart out! Simple design but fun!
LO3: I really love the b/w and Color Photo together and this is so easy to do, Just print your photo the same size in color and b/w then crop the color photo, and add to the b/w!

Day 5...


We interrupt your daily life with an emergency broad cast.... Thunk ????


My heart stops in my chest. It is the moment you know your baby is hurt. Not just the "My sister hit me" or the " I skinned my Knee" kind of hurt, but the really really I am in PAIN kind of hurt. I literally can not tell you what I was doing at that moment, all I know is that I ran from the kitchen in time to see James running into the living room with a look of pure pain and horror on his face. This is when mere seconds seem like hours, the moment between where your mind runs wild with what it could be and the reality of what really happened. Asking a child anything when they are really in pain is like talking to the ocean... Lots of noise but no sense. I finally got that he had hit his ear, I mean the fact that it took all of one second to See that it was already swelling was enough to get me going. So I went to hold him and he was just so confused on what he really wanted that he would not let me touch him ( be still my heart) he asks or more chants " just give me my blanket " a few times. So I rush to get it as at this point I will do anything to comfort my baby! As soon as I come back around the corner to see James I knew it was going to be a trip to the ER. His ear was flowing blood and at first I thought it was from inside. He would not let me look at it closely and did not really want the blanket at all. James was in so much pain he really did not know what he wanted. Thus he began to wail for daddy... another heart breaker, and I softly talk him into letting me see what is wrong and lead him to the kitchen for a towel for his ear that is getting blood everywhere now. Finally after much debate I see that his little ear has been split almost all the way through and the cartilage is sticking out... (EWWWW) After a few rushed calls to his daddy and a quick stop to drop Miah off at her Aunts we were on our way. We went to an Urgent Care Clinic, but just a side note here as we now know that can not help you if there is cartilage involved. So we were sent on to the emergency room where they called in a specialist to fix James up. He was really great through the waiting and most of the stitches, but when the Doc went to numb his ear James pulled the needle out and was strong enough to keep his daddy and the Doc from keeping him still. Eventually the Doctor talked him into relaxing and the stitches, four in all, were put in place. James is ok and seems to have no pain in his ear,and the stitches come out Monday if all goes well. I am however suffering every time I hear the slightest bump and I am finding that I say be careful about ten times an hour. Here is a look at his stitched up ear.


Anonymous said...

Momma if this isn't the first, I can honestly say it wont be the last! That is just boys for ya! But my sympathy goes out to you. Been there done that more than once. It doesn't make it any easier as they get older either.

Tara Anderson said...

i know that cry! Poor little one, hope his ear heals quickly. They bounce back so fast though, don't they!!

Treesa Y said...

Hi there
Love your layouts and your children look gorgeous! Ouch that ear! it's always scarey when they hurt themselves...I'm useless I always turn into a blubbering mess!my hubby always has to take over!
Take care Treesa x