Sunday, February 01, 2009

Day Three: four Things about me

Well It is Sunday and as usual this is a busy day in the morning and a Lazy afternoon. I have decided to list four things about me for this post... Just for fun, and the fact that I am trying to stick to my thirty days of blogging.

1. I love to sing, and am always humming or singing some song. However one of my favorite things to do is belt out a tune while I am cleaning house. When I say belt out, I mean singing with all my might at the top of my lungs with all the soul I can muster. Well this has been fine for a very long time... Funny how kids change EVERYTHING... So there I was minding my own business singing my song as I loaded the dishwasher totally unaware that my son has decided to play in the back yard with a few of his friends ( with his dads permission). I am going to town dancing and just being in my zone when I hear snickering. Hmmmm, so I turn and five pair of eyes are watching me intently. BIG SIGH HERE! Caught in mid step of what I call dancing and my song abruptly ended I realize that to my seven year old son this if the funniest thing ever. Now mind you he has seen me do this a million times, but to get his friends in on the action of his crazy mom was too cool. GREAT!! Oh by the way they love my singing... my dancing, not so much!

2. I love to read, I read as much as I can and have been known to go through a entire novel in about four hours. My all time favorite next to the Word is Anne of Green Gables. Some new books I really like include the Twilight series and by the same author Stephenie Meyer The Host... that book is a real mind bender and I loved every page. I also enjoy the Eragon series and the Summer Hill books about a young girl who live just outside of an Amish community.

3. Scrapbooking is a passion as well as a therapy for me. I find it to be relaxing but more than that it reminds me of why I love my family especially if I have had a hard time with one of them or just a bad day in general. It is my moment to tell the story and to show the reasons why I love my family, how I love them and that I will always love them.

4. I hate doing laundry. I know that I have heard from several friends and relatives that if I would just do a load a day I would not have such a mountain all the time. I have tried this and it just does not work for me. If I could just get the task done it would not be such a big deal, but since I haft to wait for them to wash then wait for them to dry then fold and at last put them away, I just get wrapped up in other things and by the time I get back to it I am to tired to mess with it. Yep I hate laundry.

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