Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Current Events

Wow it has been a few days since I last posted. I guess I really need to document a few things going on in our lives now.
1. We are busy with church! Very busy. I am singing at our up coming conference and we have been offered a new position in our children's ministry. Not to mention I am going to be in the special performance dance to open the conference... No I can not dance, but I am learning and having lots of fun doing it. The music team is WONDERFUL and I am loving that so much!!!

2. We are already in full swing with holiday shopping. It makes it much easier on our budget to stretch it out over a few months. Then in December we have spending money to do the fun things instead of having to buy all of the gifts at once. I have found some really great deals and to date have saved about $130 so I can not complain about that.

3. Our van had a total melt down and Randy was sure it was going to cost $$$$ in fact he stated to me several times we are about to shell out at the very least $2000.00 NO WAY was all I could say and then grin and bear it. Well thankfully it was a fluke that we were faced with and a spring that cost $20.00 was all we needed to fix the whole problem. Funny how one little spring can stop a van in its tracks.

4. Well James is in Kindergarten.... sort of.... I put him in for three days and then took him out to home school. That is a long story in its self and maybe I will put it on here later. He is doing great and loves learning at home. I enjoy teaching him, but that is not to say that it is a piece of cake by any means. Stubborn does not even begin to describe it when he gets mind to misbehave, but for the most part he is really great at this whole new world of rules, learning and fun.

Ok I think that covers most of it for now unless you count that there are just 34 days left between us and our LID being matched....... I love that they did 18 days last month and I am praying this will be a BIG month not just in LID days but in matches!!!! I know they can do it. So by all that we have seen in the past I really feel like we can finally say we are on the count down instead of always pushing out the finish line just a little further. I really believe in my heart we will see Miahs face by or just after Christmas this year. Come on CCAA give me a surprise and do 34 days in October!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, could James get much cuter???? I have decided it is good that I do not have a boy as he would be insufferably rotten!

Way to go with taking on homeschooling. Really interested in hearing/seeing how it goes for you and please share anything you feel like...publically or privately.

Sounds like you are doing better over all. SOOOOOO glad!!!