Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wait and Wonder

What am I waiting for, well referral information of course. What am I wondering about, hmmmm let me see, oh yeah.... Just how far will they get this time! I am so ready to know something at this point that I have checked every site I can think of for the smallest glean of information and the most I can come up with is the 23rd is included and as for anything else after that there is NO WORD..... Yuck!! I really am hoping with about a thousand other waiting parents that this is the speed up we have all been holding our breath for. If not I will try very hard to hold out hope for next month and keep telling myself December is our month no way will we not see Miahs face by the end of the year. It just can not go past 15 1/2 months, nope it has to be December... Right??? UHHHHHHH only time will tell and until that happens I am officially going batty!

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