Monday, October 30, 2006


Why is it that when a kid gets sick for the most part they go on as normal, runny nose and all. I mean James will take a little bit of a rest here and there and of course he is whinny. However he will still play and kid around a good bit of the time. Now I have his cold and I wish the world would just STOP for a few days!!! I do not want to move let alone teach abc's and 123's to James, or chase the newly walking Bella around the house for a diaper change. I feel like .... Well let us just say NOT GOOD! What's more is I want to know what the cut off date is this month and it seems like that has been in suspended animation for almost two weeks now. There is no real clue as to when the referrals will come let alone how many we will get and so many agencies are giving their clients different info so it is all just a bunch of confusion.
There was one rumor I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up over and that is the one that says That an agency has told their clients that Nov. Referrals will include up to Mid Sept. LIDs..... That's us!!!! Now I have no clue if this is even remotely true and only time will tell and maybe this batch of referrals will help answer that. So I will go back to waiting with my stuffy nose and a small glimmer of hope!

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Dawn and Dale said...

Hi! I just came across your blog this morning and thought I'd say hello!

Hope you feel better soon! We have 4 boys and I know how it is that they seem to be able to handle the sicknesses better than we can!!

Hope you hear news about your baby girl soon!!!

LID 04/05/06