Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Easter has come and gone. It was such a joy to celebrate our first holiday together with Miah, she was such a little doll in her Easter dress and watching her get into the Easter basket and even get a few eggs was priceless. We started the morning off with church and it was a great service, then off to my parents home. I saw family I have not seen in years and most of them had never seen James let alone Miah. I felt like one proud mama with my two beautiful children!! James was as handsome as ever and allowed me to dress him up for Easter too as long as he could wear his shoes from China... not a perfect match but well worth giving in for. He had a blast playing with his 3rd cousins and the rock pile they found in the back yard... Yes in his nice clothes, thank you for spray and wash. Both kids were on their best behavior, totally showing off the essence that is them. Finally we made it back home in time for James to hunt eggs in our own back yard and Miah even got a few, however she was much more delighted in shaking said eggs making music, than hunting them. I am so grateful that our wait has come to an end and days like yesterday are just the icing on the cake!

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Our Little Miracles said...

She is just adorable!! Love her Easter dress, she looks beautiful!