Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Today we had portraits done. James was a real pill and would not under any circumstances smile for the camera... That is until sister was not around. I wanted to scream as fake smile after fake smile for the camera followed by whining and down right insolence. How ever as you can see below the moment the camera was on him and him alone all was right in the world and this shot only took two... yes two trys.... HMMMMMM not sibling rivalry here. HUMPH!!! I will try again latter to get a good shot of the both of them until then this will haft to do. Miah did very well, in fact she did much better than I expected. Especially after the week we have had (details to come next post) I really thought she would refuse to smile, but I could not keep putting off getting her pictures done as time seems to be flying already. Tomorrow marks one month from Gothcha Day for us and I am so in unbelief that we have been there and back and moved on in life. Enjoy the pictures and look for a few more posts in the next day or so I have a lot to blog about.

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Kelley said...

What can I say about these photos that isn't obvious? BEAUTIFUL...absolutely beautiful! We still don't have formal portraits of Mia...she flips out every time we try. Talk about UGH!