Monday, April 16, 2007

Life in our house

There is so much life at our house! It is a wonderful, joyful, stressed out, busy never slowing down life but I love it. Miah is growing and going, James too is changing and seems to be such a big boy now. I can hardly believe that we have been home for over a month now. Here is what has been going on with Miss Miah since we have been home....

* Miah has gone from hardly rolling over to taking her first steps

* Miah is saying a few words like Mama(be still my heart) and Dada bye and bite

* Miah is so loving, she will reach up and kiss me when I ask but the best is when she crawls up in my lap and kisses me with no provocation

* Miah gives wonderful little hugs and pats my back as if to say "love you"

* Miah love music and will dance and clap her hands...SOOO CUTE

* Miah will try and make me laugh by shaking her head in a cute little way and if she gets a laugh she will keep going.

* She has a fake cry... I swear it is the funniest thing ever and is heard mostly when she sees you are making a bottle for her ( I will try and capture in on film)

* She has a temper.... and knows how to use it, but does not really need to all that often

* She is possessive... of mommy, she has pushed a few hands away at church if they touch me to long and she will come rushing over to my lap at the hint of another child getting near me ... even James

* She will let me pretty much fix her hair however I please... SO FUN... and will wear hats too!

* She likes pretties... she has a toy with rings and she puts the rings on as bracelets and when you tell her she looks pretty she will get a sheepish grin and then a full blown smile... DARLING

* She likes clothes... Yeah... I think I may have a girly girl

* She does not like being sick and I do not like her being sick.... can we say MOODY

* She will come to me when I ask her to, knows what no means, and overall minds pretty well

* She is starting to learn sign language... She sings bite really well

* She does not know when enough food is enough so when she has had enough I haft to hide any sight of "her" food and heaven forbid you eat when she can not

* She is still taking a bottle but only one of formula a day and two of milk

* She is eating table food like a pro, but still eats baby food too just to make sure she is getting the proper nutrition

I am sure I could write several more quirks, every day things , and accomplishments but this is a great start. Miah is our darling and we are so blessed to call her ours, but she keeps us on our toes and gives James a real run for his money.

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Kelley said...

So much cuteness! I can't wait to meet Miss Miah...we have to all get healthy though over at the House o' Glamour! I've been thinking about you and am so glad that y'all are doing well.