Sunday, August 05, 2007


Today... Today I will embrace my world. Today I will see the little things and I will cherish them. Today I will breathe in my children just a little more, and I will see the innocence in them. Today I will love my husband because he is a blessing , and I will notice him in a renewed way. Today I will look for the good in things and ignore the bad. Today is a day that I will enjoy and hold dear simply because I can.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring and I have been letting the days fly by without really even experiencing them. Always looking for the next big event there is to have or the next holiday. Life happens while you are busy making other plans they say and oh how true it is. I want more and the funny thing is MORE has been there all along and I have chosen to just ignore the opportunity that was there to engage freely in the joy that is life. To busy being annoyed by the little things and to lazy to care. No more I will embrace this life and live. Live with a purpose. Praise God he has given me that purpose!

Why the sudden reality check? Well really it is not sudden to me, it has been coming for a while now but I wanted to write it down. The truth is it is even more pressing to me now because my Gram is back in the hospital. She has now had a major stroke and the woman who was telling me stories of her childhood while I listened engrossed in the past, is now unable to move the entire left side of her body and speaks with a slur. SO unfair this terrible thing that has happened and now we must wait to see if she will gain back any of her functions. It hurts me so deeply to see her in pain. To know that her mind is still very sharp but that her body rebels. My Gram is me and I am my Gram, two peas in a pod and so very a like some times it is scary. I hate this with such a passion, but the only thing I can do is pray for her, that and choose to live. Live my life to the fullest and not take one little blessing for granted.

Please keep my Gram in your prayers.


Kelley said...

Beautifully written…thank you for this reminder.

Our heavenly Father, thank you for my sweet friend Stacey. Thank you for the life you have given her Gram and the wonderful relationship that they have experienced. Please give Stacey peace and understanding as her Gram struggles with her wounded body. Give Gram peace and take away her pain. Please place your strong and gentle arms around this family and carry them in their time of need. Amen.

Christie said...

Aw, sweetie - we'll be praying for your gram...

so sorry to hear this...

Doug and Terrye said...


I will be praying for your Gram.

Terrye in FL