Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day to the two best Dads I know

Today was a wonderful day. I set my mind on making memories today, I do not mean trying to force a special moment or steer the day in what I thought would be a perfect fathers day. No instead I watched, listened, engaged, relaxed and just took it all in. Seeing the little things and capturing the sound of my fathers voice, the look of his smile, the smell of a home cooked meal made with love for a dad who will hardly even touch food. My heart swelled when he ate not just once but twice today, a small victory for some but for me it was a huge success. My memories of today will be some of the most precious and treasured for the rest of my life. Daddy picked up his guitar today after almost a year of not playing, and he and my brother played together and I sang with them like so many countless times before, just grateful to have this one last chance. I never thought he would pick up the instrument again and really neither did he, but today it was like old times and I did not take it for granted. It will more than likely be the last time and I would not take all the money in the world for what we shared today. My dad got to show off his grandchildren to his family and I watched the pride in his eyes as they gave the kids great praise and fawned over them. I heard laughter as daddy took in Miah being a ham and leaned in close to hear a conversation between him and James. Dad talked of days gone by and he talked of things he needs to do and I listened hanging on his every word. We took family pictures and a few candid shots. Dad dozed on and off on the couch, never complaining from the obvious pain he was in. He rallied for us today and gave it all he had and with out having to say the words I knew how loved I was and am by my father today. He told me he was proud of me and of my family. He smiled at me, hugged me and said he loved me. Today was a wonderful day.

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