Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Altering a photo... We Picture This

we picture {this}

I had such fun trying out this altering a photo. I have really only recently learned the very basics of PSE but with this challenge I really started to learn some new things and that the web has loads of info and tutorials. I really liked Miahs skin tone in this picture right out of the camera but the bricks were drowning out the tone I was looking for so I used texture for the first time and then I added more texture on top of that! I made a 2nd layer of my original photo first and added the textures next one on top of the other. Then I erased and blended the section of photo with Miah so that the texture was only in the background. That is it. Seems like so much technical stuff but really once I started it got easier and I am loving it! The picture was taken with a NikonD 40 in early evening light with cover on Portrait setting.
Thank you so much for looking and please be sure and check out the wonderful work and other entries you can get there by clicking the We Picture This link above. Oh and as always if you click on the pictures above the will enlarge for you.

This is Miah my DD.


Sid said...

I love the textured bricks! Great job... such a cutie.

Check out my blog and let me know what you think :)

Rebecca said...

Wow, nicely done with the textures! Makes the bricks fade into the background a bit more, and makes your sweet daughter Miah pop - which is what a good post process should do! Fabulous!!

The Animator's Wife said...

Wow, what a gorgeous little girl! I love the texture you added and all it adds to this shot. Well done!