Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Whirlwind

Lately for our household the weekends have been a virtual storm of activity. We keep trying to fit a weeks worth of "need to do" into two days along with our regular schedule, and at this point I do not see a free weekend for about two more months. It is pretty sad when you actually look forward to Monday morning for a break... YIKES! In the end I know it will be worth it, but the reason we are scrambling to keep up is because Randy has been doing massive overtime and double time to bring in some extra cash. He is trying to get us completely away from credit cards. Now we have not really used our cards in some time, but now he wants to get them completely out of the house. Not sure I will ever go for that, I like know if we have an emergency that they are there. However right now Randy has us paying cash for any items large or small. If we have the cash we can have it if we don't so sorry not going to happen. Now we have really worked hard to keep our credit good and not go into major debt, but he feels there is an even better way to handle our fiance status. Ok I will try. So now he has been working really really hard so that we can get some big ticket items on our list of needs and wants before Miah gets home. One of the items is a swing set for James that I really wanted him to have and I know Miah will get lots of use out of it too. So we have added one more thing to our weekend to do list and I a beat! I will just keep telling myself it is worth it!

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Katri said...

Thought I would "drop by" and say hello and now I'm so glad I did because we have alot in common! Mike and I had what I call a God moment when he said that he wanted to name our daughter from China "Miah" and I said...."I've been thinking about 'Mia'". Wow, we said and then proceeded to toss around, Mia/Miah and finally settled on Mia. So glad to know that Miah is going to be in your household. God Speed the referrals!