Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A boy and his dad

This is my family, my guys! Now I have got to tell you that I love this picture so much. James looks so much like his daddy that it gives me goose bumps. If you did not know it you would more than likely never guess that he was adopted at birth which has been the big topic around our house as of late. We know when Miah gets home people will "see" that she is adopted and will more than likely ask lots of questions and make comments good bad or indifferent, but James has never had to deal with that. How do we handle it and do we tell people who ask about Miahs adoption that our son is adopted too. Will James feel a sense of jealousy that her adoption is so obvious and that will lead to more attention to her. Will he love the anonymity or want others to know that he too was chosen and sought after. How will Miah feel when she is older and knows her big brother is never approached about his adoption and she is. I guess time, a lot of prayer, and listening to the kids will be the only answers to these and many more questions. For now I will just enjoy the last few Blast ball games with James and dream of bringing Miah home soon!
By the way this is James' fist season of Ball and he did such a wonderful job! I am so proud of my boy and his Daddy. He stepped up to the plate unexpectedly and became a coach.... How cool are you Dad! These are special memories that I will never forget!

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Patti and Robert said...

Hi Stacy, It's Patti again. Robert and I could not believe how much James looks like his Daddy. It looks like they have a great time together. Robert has so much fun with his son Ryan. He says every father should have a boy :)...