Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday James

Five years ago today my dream of becoming a mom came true. I have written about our story before and if you would like to read it you can find it on our home page under James' story.

It hardly seems like he should be two let alone five and I am just amazed that he is ours. James is one bright, amazing little guy with a love for life and an ability to make others smile uncontrollably. We love you son!

This page to the left is the day we brought him home and it is a tribute to his adoption the words read :
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mother. I have dreamed and prayed for the moment I would hold a beautiful baby in my arms and eventually I began to beg and cry out to God for the child I yearned for not understanding why it was taking years to conceive. Seven years I waited for you and God did answer my prayer with the most perfect child for me. I did not carry you in my womb but in my heart. My struggle to get pregnant was only the road that lead me to where you are and I would not change that for all the world. Adopting you is the reason God made me wait. You are my special gift and even more precious to me than I could ever imagine... I love you My James now and Forever you will be my Baby Mine.

We are so blessed with our son that I can not even imagine how much more wonderful our world will be when we bring Miah home. Twice the birthdays will be so great.... I can not wait!!!

From a baby to a big boy just like his daddy. Now James is into remote controlled cars and the Cars movie. He loves bubble gum and tormenting our dogs. His favorite food is tomatoes and pickles. He hates to be woken up in the morning (yep he's my kid) and he sticks his tongue out when he is really concentrating ( just like his daddy) see photo!
Five wonderful years ..... I love you James!

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