Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Fourth of July for Us

Fourth of July this year came and went with no fire crackers or sparkler for us this year, and I missed them! However there was lots of family fun and a few suprises along the way.

As we pulled up to James' GreatGrandFathers home in Log Cabin Tx we were greeted by four baby armadillos. They were to young to be aggressive and to dumb to be scared so we got to get up close and personal with them, I even reached out to touch them and they just continued to root for bugs and go about their business as if we were just a part of the scenery. James was not sure what to think and took it all in moment by moment. I think the kicker for him was when one of them decided to figure out what my camera was and walked right up to me and sniffed my lens. James kept a pretty good distance from then on.

James was again out numbered by little girls, it seems every where we go he is the only little boy around. Today he was in the company of his cousins one of which we were newly introduced to and are so glad to finally know. Samantha and Hailie were a blast and both Hams for the camera. All three of the kids are within a year of each other so they a wonderful time playing and just being kids.

It is wonderful to know that they will grow up in a land that is FREE. They will have opportunities to pursue anything they choose and the right to speak their minds. They are full of raw potential to achieve the unimaginable and this land is fertile ground for their imaginations. Thank you America for being the home we love and hold so dear. May you continue to flourish and grow as a Nation.

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