Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In a Moment

Have you ever watched something happen that was totally out of your control and yet it seemed to be moving in slow motion. Well James took a nose dive off the two inch step on our front entrance and as I turned I saw him fly through the air, hit the concrete and then roll onto his back. As you can see in the picture above he hit the concrete with his face first. Not a thing I could do but pick him up, cuddle him and tell him he would be ok. However I was not ok, no in fact I was shaken to the core! As a parent I am always saying be careful, watch out, slow down, don't run, and a million other phrases all in order to keep him safe, but in a moment with out warning things can happen no matter how careful I am and that is scary.... Very scary to me!!
Randy and I joke about wanting to put him in a bubble, we know it is impossible but still how do you keep them safe and not smother them at the same time? This was really a minor thing and I am grateful for that, in fact James is all healed up now with the exception of a small scar that will all but fade away in the coming days. I guess I am writing this to remind myself to cherish every moment and to be on guard!

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