Friday, August 11, 2006

Needing to get caught up

I am a scrapper. I love all things paper and getting my hands covered in ink... but latley I have just been in the dumps and not really getting any pages done. I am much more creative when I am happy and upbeat , however with the delays in getting Miah and the adoption going forward it is only normal that I have been anything but upbeat. Much to my dismay this has affected many things in my day to day life and I am making a choice to turn that around. I need to for so many reasons and the number one reason is my family. They need me, focused and in charge of the little day to day things that we take for granted until one day the need is not being met and you find your self in a pickle of a mess and behind on all the things you once loved so much. So here are a few of my efforts to get caught up on James' book and my own as well.

Oh by the way if you are out there I would love to know. Please leave a note if only to say Hi I stoped by. It would really help me out ya know, and thanks!

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Robyn said...

I love your scrapbook pages. You are so talented. I totally understand about being down some days. It sometimes seems that the wait will never end. Hang in there!!