Thursday, August 31, 2006

Looking to Brighter Things

I know that many families who are walking the adoption road right now are in a word dazed. Dazed at the wait and the rumors, at the lack of any concrete information other than there is NO information that is reliable beyond a fault. So instead of writing about how sad, mad and well just plain dazed I am, I am going to post a very special page . This is my mom again only this time she is with James doing what I love most.... Being a kid again! With him and his cousin Aaron my mom is a true blue KID. She loves them and gets on their level to play. In this page James is almost three and he loves t dance, but he rarely does for anyone else to see. My mom is the same way she only lets a few people see this wonderful side of her come to the surface and I am so glad that I am able to enjoy her this way, but most importantly that James is and that he is in awe with his Nene!

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