Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have said it before, James is adopted... However this is something I tend to forget on a day to day basis, he is our son. It is just that simple, and it is not meant to take away from his birthmother or to ignore that part of his past, but we do not live our lives around the fact that he is adopted rather adoption is how he came to be in our lives. That being said we do not hide that fact from him either, we talk of his adoption with him and around him. We are open about it and even more so with the adoption of our daughter pending, who will look nothing like him and bring questions from outsiders that he has never had to face before. To me since he will be older than sister right away and be able to understand most of what is being said about his sister her adoption and adoption in general I want him to be prepared and well grounded in the fact that adoption is a wonderful thing and he is loved very much. Now back to the part about forgetting that he is adopted on a moment to moment world and I will tell you it is easy to forget he does not have my husbands DNA. James is JUST like his daddy in so many ways it is really cool. He talks like Randy and he acts like Randy but it is the little things that get me the most. Like when James is mad he will sigh almost identical to Randy and this is with out trying to mimics or even thinking about what he is doing, and when he concentrates really hard he sticks his tongue out and moves it the EXACT same way as Randy.... It is sooooo cute but the kicker is he looks so much like his daddy it is uncanny sometimes. There are things I would rather not mention that he does just like me but my favorite thing is the way he loves to make up a song, and how he will sing to himself making up things as he goes along not caring who hears or if it makes sense to anyone else. I sure do love my little buddy.

Enjoy the new scrap page!

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