Wednesday, September 27, 2006

There are a few things that have and do help me get through the wait,and one of them is getting clothes for Miah. Now I have written about this in my past blog but I felt that the subject was worth repeating for me. The top picture is shortly after we started the process to bring Miah home. We started with a few outfits and well it just kept growing. I will add another picture tomorrow of what the closet looks like after a year of being LID, but as you can see at the half way point by this bottom picture we were already having to move the shoe rack out to make more room. That to me is a good thing. Every out fit I buy (almost always on sale) is one that I hold very close and love on. I dream of what Miah will look like and smell like. I try and imagine the sound of her laugh or the touch of her tiny hands. To me the clothes are a tangible reminder of what is to come not to mention that they are just to darn cute. I also know that fancily when Miah is home I will haft to watch the budget a little closer as diapers and formula is not cheap and if I must choose between covering her tush or the cute out fit ..... well the tush wins out! Now size wise I have mostly 12 month clothing and a lot of 18 month things. There are some 6-9 month and a few 9 month things so just in case she is younger or really small I have a few things for her. I do have a back up plan to donate anything she can not wear so I do not feel guilty about buying the clothes at all, in fact they are all picked out with love and held with love so who ever wears them be it Miah or another child I know that I put my heart in to every one.

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Lisa~~ said...

That closet looks just as full as Baby S's!!! Isn't shopping for our little ones so much fun!!