Friday, July 13, 2007

Going on around here

Is this not the cutest scene... Apparently I was not getting Miah's dinner to her fast enough so James stepped in. It got really quiet so I looked around the corner to find this, and as any good mom would do I grabbed the camera :0) Sooooo CUTE!
Miah got a new doll. All the ones she currently have are just a wee bit to big and she ends up dragging them by the hair and sounding as if she is out of breath even if she loves them to pieces, so I got her this tiny cabbage patch and she loves it.
This summer has been unusually wet. In fact it has not been this wet since 1913. Well along with all this water are a few great puddles.... Seems Miah found one! No really we let her explore with her big brother and they had a blast, she just came out a little more wet than he did. I guess that happens when you are closer to the water.
See all the pretty pig tails?? This hair dew is much more darling in real life . She loves it to and takes great pleasure in touching them and shaking her head, she is my little girly girl.
Try as I might I can not keep her out of the dogs cage. We are taking care of a golden retriever for the week and her cage is smack dab in the middle of my living room and that means Miah thinks it is fair game. I keep our two dogs cage in the bedroom and she loves to get her little hands on it but most of the time she can not get to it so this cage has been to much fun for her.

That is what is going on around here the last few days.


Sophie's Mom said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How could that picture of the ponytails be any cuter in person, it's ADORABLE!!! She's beautiful.

My Sophia likes the dog crate too - too funny!

Sophie's Mom said...

I just looked again, and you just HAVE to tell me how many pig tails you put? I want to try Sophia's hair like that! Thanks!

Saph said...

LOL I'll have to try that hair style on my little girl! I'll have to snap a photo next time I find her in our dogs' crate!!! She'll climb all the way in and close the door on herself!

Rebecca said...

* The picture of your son feeding your daughter is too cute. My son always wants to feed sissy, I need to take a picture before he stops. Thanks for the reminder. And when my daughter has enough hair to do one pony let alone, what 20?, I'll try to remember this.