Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Birthday James

James is Two here.

Today my little man turns six...6?!?!? years old! Time has just flown since the moment I first held him and breathed him in. If you have not read James' adoption story I will tell you it was a miracle for us. I just want to take a moment and say a special thank you to his birth mother for the most precious of all gifts, and for the choices she made in his best interest.You are so loved!

James, My how you grow so quickly. It is a hard thing for a mother to watch her baby turn into a young man, for it is her job to help him grow while all the time her heart wished to keep him safe and little for so much longer that time allows. You are bright and bold, handsome and witty, giving and loyal. My darling one you are more than all my dreams combined could have ever wished for. I love you James .... Happy Birthday
Hand in Hand with Daddy.

Such a handsome little guy at three.

Four was such fun with so much to explore.

Five has come and gone but forever in my
heart will it live on..... I LOVE YOY!!


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday James! You are one handsome little boy and an awesome big brother. Hope you have a fantastic day...and eat lots of cake!

Lisa and Doug said...

Happy Birthday James! What a handsome young man!

Elise said...

Wow, I just read his story, what a beautiful experience!

Happy birthday to a handsome!!! Both your children are just precious!

Elise said...

Sorry meant "handsome boy":)

Paul & Robyn: said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!! Hope you have a terrific number 6!