Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is for Robyn

Hey Robyn you asked if Miah ever takes a bad picture... Well I thought it would be fun to share a few with you. Most of the time when I take pictures I will take about twenty or so to choose from and most of the time it is about half and half on the quality, it is because Miah is BUSY and will not sit still or remain in one place for very long, and she loves to try and take the camera away! Then there is always the bad lighting or out of focus pictures so yes there are some "bad" pictures. Here ya go....

I have c0me to learn that Miah does not like flowers in her face and really she is not keen on touching them at all.

Here is Miah trying to take the camera away and giving me attitude after being told no.

This is a melt down... I took about fifty pictures this day and she wanted in my lap. I kept trying to distract her and she finally had enough but I did get some great pictures too.

So here she is NOT even remotely happy about the baby elephant statue and will not even look at it let alone sit near it.


Beverly said...

You call those bad pictures? She is very cute in even the bad ones.


Kelley said...

LOL! Still loads of cuteness!

Paul & Robyn: said...

Thanks for the reality check. At least now I know when Avery comes home and I get bad pictures that it is not just her (or me)!

But Beverley and Kelley are right, still loads of cuteness!!!